Another eBay Policy Change affects Auctiva Users

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eBay recently announced a change in their “Links Policy”.  Beginning in July, the only links allowed are those to any eBay page (including eBay owned sites like Paypal,, and StubHub), photos of the item for sale (with no information on the picture / page that encourages sales off-eBay), embedded videos (that comply with ebay policies for videos) and third-party solutions and services directly related to the particular listing.
In response, one third-party vendor,, issued the following release:


Another month passes and we are faced, yet again, with having to make significant changed to our service to ensure that both your auction listings and our service comply with eBay’s ever-changing rules. eBay have been making it increasingly hard for external providers to offer any sort of service – of course they want everyone to use only the eBay-owned equivalent service.

The costs of providing and maintaining the service, both in terms of hardware rental and frequent software changes required in response to changes in eBay ‘rules’, has made the service no longer viable. Therefore, after much consideration we have taken the business decision to close down the counters and cross-promotions services.

The service will close down on 28th June (GMT) – we cannot continue after this date or there’s a risk that eBay will deem your auctions in breach of their new policies which become effective on 1st July – we are not prepared to risk *your* eBay account being suspended as a result of *our* service being deemed in breach by eBay (who are the sole judge and jury in such matters). We have been unable to obtain direction from eBay on whether our service will pass their new rules or not, so we must assume it will not. We apologise for the short notice of the closure but the timetable is dictated by the timing of eBay’s changes.

We have achieved part of why we created the service in the first place – to provide free counters and cross-promotions in competition to the paid-for services. Our competitor’s services are now free (although for how much longer they can remain so is a separate question since they are subject to the same issues with eBay as ourselves). We always believed (and still do) that you should not have to pay for counters, cross-promotions or statistics (web analytics) on your eBay auctions – the prices being charged for these services were out of all proportion to the costs involved.

We really appreciate your support and help during the 4 years the service has been running. This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we don’t want to let you down but unfortunately we feel there is no alternative. Gold subscribers will, of course, receive a refund on all unused subscription payments.

Once again thank you for all your support and we wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards,

Many eBay sellers who use third-party services, such as Auctiva, are now questionning whether their auctions will be out of compliance in July.  Requests for clarification from eBay about the new links policy and how it relates to third-party vendors are being ignored.  eBay customer service will not state whether auctions with Auctiva will violate the New Links Policy or not.  This is leaving many eBay sellers frustrated and unsure of what to expect in July.

In all the 10+ years I have been selling on eBay, I have never been able to get a direct answer from eBay about whether any of my auctions are currently in compliance of policies.  There have been times that I unknowingly violated eBay policy and relisted my item, correcting the “offending” portion of the auction or so I thought.  I would call and ask an eBay representative to review my auction to tell me if I was in compliance and every time I was told that it was not possible.  Sometimes months later my auctions would be removed again for the same policy violation and I could never get an answer as to what it would take to correct the problem.

Based on my experience as an eBay seller, I believe it is eBay’s position to never give “affirmative confirmation” that an auction is in compliance.  They work on the “negative confirmation” approach to compliance meaning that once you list your item, they will only tell you at that time whether the auction does NOT meet policy compliance requirements.  More importantly, though, they will remove your listing from the eBay site but will NOT tell you what you must do to correct the situation so that the auction can be brought into compliance.

From eBay’s perspective, imagine the Pandora’s box they would be opening if they gave advance “approval” of Auctiva.  If eBay decided other third-party vendors, similar to Auctiva, were in violation then they would have to engage in a dialogue to explain why one vendor was in compliance and one was not.  eBay’s subjective determination of policy compliance would then have to be explained and defended.  Also, I am sure that eBay wants to reserve the right to change their mind.  Perhaps they have not yet decided whether Auctiva violates compliance; they may let auctions with Auctiva run for months until they make a determination.  And what eBay considers to be in violation, again a subjective decision, could easily change from one day to the next.  If eBay were to give an “advance ruling” that Auctiva is acceptable then they would have a harder time declaring Auctiva to be in violation at some point in the future. 

If you currently use Auctiva and are hoping to know definitively whether your auctions will be in compliance in July, I am afraid you are out of luck.  eBay is not going to issue an advance ruling.  They have never done so before and it is not in their best interest to do so now.  I have stated many times that eBay makes the rules and those of us who want to play have to follow the rules BUT those who really do want to follow the rules must have a clear understanding of the rules and what is expected of us.  To punish us after the fact for a rule that has not been explained only frustrates us.  Perhaps the reason eBay must control its sellers through the use of fear and retribution is because sellers find it hard to respect eBay or its rules.  eBay demands sellers provide outstanding customer service but yet has absolutely no customer service of its own.  Amazon sellers certainly have no problems respecting the Amazon marketplace or its strict rules but that may be because Amazon doesn’t ask more from its sellers than it asks of itself.


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9 Responses to “Another eBay Policy Change affects Auctiva Users”

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Thank you Brews, for looking in to this, for whatever it’s worth. Your comments are accurate and direct. eBay does what it wants and the rules are never clear.

I saw your copy of this posted on the ink blog.

Ebay makes enough money and should leave third party alone it is bad that enen poor people cannot make a living with out ebay nickle and diming us at every angle hey ebay before you continue pass out the vasoline

Your article is right on target! I have been selling on ebay for a few years off and on and find that their policies directly reflect a mindset of monopolizing all monies coming through ebay auctions from the listing fees through the fees on Paypal. I believe that if they could set up their own postal system legally they would do it and cut out the USPS in order to retain control of all services and monies earned by them. In addition, their policies seem aimed directly at sellers such as their new feedback policy where buyers can give negative feedback to sellers but sellers have to take the hit whether earned or not without being able to brand deadbeat customers in the same way. What better way to keep money coming in? Let the buyers rule and keep the sellers down seems to be their main goal. If they were a country, they would be a dictatorship. And yes, I agree, ebay themselves do not have a customer service program aimed at assisting their sellers, but insist that their sellers have one. What a poor way to do business!

Just came accross this! So many changes in rules and policies on eBay have, and continue to chase sellers to other sites, while at the same time, eBay (GREEDBAY) is aggressively courting large corporations. In my opinion, they want to do away with all smaller sellers to get rid of all the questions while drastically incresing their bottm line!
A good example is in eBay Motors, where vehicle can now be listed ‘free’, but the seller has to pay a $125 final valus fee.
It’s not worth listing any vehicle to sell under $1,000 any longer, as if in auction mode and started at less than $500 with only one bidder, you will pay 25% to greedbay, plus any other fees incured such as PayPal and optional features, in order to promote the item for more exposure.
Selling small and cheap items for 99 cents is now a thing of the past! By the time you pay listing fees, final value fees, PayPal fees, and shipping, you have actually paid someone to take your item! If you try to cover your loss by adding handling charges to the item shipping cost, you risk getting deleted, or at very least, a poor DSR hit for excessive S&H charges!
If you ask me, greedbay is on a downhill run ever since the CEO quit!

Roughly as I’m tired… In my opinion; Ebay must suffer not our economy, we are all tired of the corporate buffered dictatorships and stimulus of evil! Soon they too will want a gov handout stimulus as they think they are that big! How many times have they shut down sellers auctions or ignored valid legal business concerns, ebay is irresponsible. You can’t even accept cash, check or MO! Ebay rejects USD now, Illegal?! If we did that we would loss our customers overnight or be banned. Simply put they are becoming a National Security Threat of great importance to China and many black market based societies abraod. Possible terrorist money laundering could be easily achieved. Think about it… Further, many malicious coded viruses are ported and injected; not through Auctiva but directly through ebay! Affecting our economy severely… ebay ceo actually wants to declare a new revaluation of value / “ebay value” of all things! Your property! Sounds British colonialism? Lets pay them a tax for anything written on paper now too! Now banks and local gov. will auction off all you property if your in financial trouble on ebay at ebay value, to pay your collectors as levied by local gov through the new ebay collections levy services beta version. Yes this is the future people, suck it up, cashless ebay paypal eceonimic stimulus plan in the works baby… Now everything you own is worth x amount of ebay paypal vomits, minus all ebay fees, all up for grabs by the new rogue God Damned socialist well-fare sucking bastard people happy to bid on your hard life savings. Listen up I predict ebay is a real threat to our economy, it is obviosly an experimental testing ground for a cashless devalued monetary system evading the old natural laws of ethics guided by an ulterior treasonous motive to devalue everything! See this threat feel it, read about it, do something about it! It is one of the most direct threats to ethical responsible American free enterprise. ebay is the dominant economic black market force infecting the world. What happened as always they got to big; ebay when first started was nice for small business, but now it is destroying them; by strangling, blockading and killing off local potential sales markets. Their investors know, all to many are greedy enough and think why not take a chance and buy it on ebay at ebay value; where either stolen or poor quality merchandise is sold everyday without control. Ebay is too expensive and stinks to an intelligent person. They charge too much for nothing, just aggravation, prices are to high, they don’t protect the sellers anymore. Sellers help drive the economy as the specialized propulsion to help the economy and keep thing honest and trust worthy. rick and morter stores used to provide customized solutions to the customer; saving them time and money as well. Sellers duty has always been traditionally to treat the customer as King. We don’t need ebay to dictate business just as we don’t need the gov too, lasee faire…
Enough said, good night!

ebay sucks & has a huge ego & thinks of no one but ebay. they are scammers & robbers who abuse theier authority & take advantage of the fact they are the biggest for auctions

Have you ever noticed that eBay constantly threatens to suspend you? You can’t go anywhere on their site without the constant reminder that you might be suspended. Is that where all of the good sellers went? Is this why the selection has gone so far down hill in the past year or so? How many more people will eBay throw out the door before they close up. I have never seen any company stay in business that constantly threatens their customers. Why would anybody want to shop or sell their products in a place that clearly does not like people? Have you ever spoken to one of their so called reps on the phone? You could get better results if you spoke to a wall. They clearly do not answer questions but they do make threats. Make sure to keep an eye on your new seller dashboard so you can constantly be reminded by them that you are worthless and about to be suspended.

I like untold smaller sellers have virtually given up on ebay.The rules change for the sake of changing,the fees climb ever skywards and the fun went out of the site many moons ago.
Killing off the goose that laid the golden egg is one thing,burning down the whole farm another.
Looks like yet another reason to use Ebid and the car boot sale for smaller sellers,others should put more effort into their own web sites and break free of greedbay.

they will remove your listing from the eBay site but will NOT tell you what you must do to correct the situation so that the auction can be brought into compliance.

It’s not just your listings. I was totally NARU’d from the site 2 years ago and never told WHY other than given the “abuse of eBay” reason.

I hadn’t listed or sold anything for over 2 months. I hadn’t posted much on the boards and hadn’t gotten pink slapped for about 6-8 months. I WAS trying to buy some items but got out bid when my suspension happened.

I asked several times what I did wrong and how I could fix it. All I ever got back was — “we’ve reviewed your file and decided not to reinstate you”.

2 years later I asked for another review and got the same answer. I don’t have any intention of ever selling on eBay again. I only wanted to be able to occasionally BUY something if I couldn’t find it elsewhere.

eBay doesn’t realize their stupid policies are also driving away BUYERS.

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