Paypal REQUIRED some users to click on Links in an Email

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May 25th, email received by Paypal:
We’ve noticed you still have not agreed to the Credit Card Processing Services Agreement. If you do not agree to the new terms by Jun. 1, 2008, your PayPal account will no longer be able to receive MasterCard-funded credit card payments.

For additional information, or to read the Credit Card Processing Services Agreement, please log in to your PayPal account at: 
Even though the email chided me for not agreeing earlier, this was the first time I was asked to agree to these new rules.  For the next 5 days I logged in to my Paypal account, waiting to see the pop-up screen advising me to agree to the new terms (just as I did earlier this year for the Credit Card Processing Agreement for VISA and Mastercard).  But I saw nothing.  I then read every legal agreement on the Paypal site and nothing resembled the information I was asked to confirm and there were no links or buttons or instructions telling me how to agree to the new Processing Agreement.
May 31st I called Paypal directly.  I expressed concern about the email I had received and let the representative know that I was trying to comply.  I was told that there was a “glitch” and that I would have to be sent an email from Paypal with a clickable link to agree to the new terms.  I expressed my concern about the deadline being 24 hours away, and only 5 days since the email had been sent (and on a holiday weekend to boot).  I was told not to worry that people were working on the issue even through the night and that I should expect an email soon.
June 3rd I received an email from Paypal:
Because you did not agree to Credit Card Processing Services Agreement by Jun. 1, 2008, your PayPal account is no longer able to receive MasterCard-funded credit card payments.

To restore your account’s ability to receive MasterCard-funded credit card payments, you must log in to your PayPal account at


Now, by this time customers are emailing me, telling me that they are unable to pay me through Paypal unless they fund their payment through their bank rather than a credit card.  I have already invested more than 2 hours reading through the Paypal website and calling to talk to Paypal directly.  This frustration, in addition to the daily Paypal frustration of not receiving 20% of Paypal notifications for weeks, has me ready to pull my hair out.  Not to mention that I have almost grown accustomed to receiving duplicate payment notifications at times, when I do receive notifications from Paypal, and the information customers put in the notes section of the Paypal payments is missing whenever the customer uses the eBay checkout system.
At this point, I invest ANOTHER 45 minutes on the phone with Paypal which culminates in them sending me an email with a clickable link which I click on so that my customers can pay me.  Of course, once I click on the link and Accept, the agreement is no longer accessible for me to read.  So, while managing to keep my cool, I demand that I be given information on how I can read the agreement that I just accepted and I want an explanation as to why I had to click on link to approve an agreement that seemed very similar to the agreement I already accepted earlier in the year.  Eventually I was given a new link to a page which had the original amended agreement and the Paypal supervisor explained that because Paypal had added the Royal Bank of Scotland to the banks where they process their credit card transactions, they had to update the original merchant agreement.  Paypal accounts that process a large number of credit card transactions have to approve the agreement right away, through a clickable link, and later most other Paypal accounts will be asked to approve the new agreement at a time when other changes also need to be approved.
Total time I invested in this process: 3.75 hours because of a new agreement that Paypal wanted me to accept but would not provide me with the means to accept it.  A “glitch” on their part made it necessary to send me a clickable link which they sent only after I called twice to follow up.
Total time I invest DAILY to reconcile my 3 eBay seller accounts to find out which items have been paid for but for which I have not been notified: 1.5 hours.  That is 10.5 hours EVERY WEEK that I could be spending providing better customer service but instead I am spending it working for no reason other than to compensate for Paypal’s failure to deliver email notifications to me on a consistent basis.
On June 10th at 11 pm PDT, the Paypal website is scheduled to be down for maintenance for an hour.  Let’s hope we will be pleasantly surprised at all the maintenance issues that will be resolved while the site is down for an hour… or two… or three. 



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5 Responses to “Paypal REQUIRED some users to click on Links in an Email”

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hi, we’re having the same problem. is it ok if we ask for the link that paypal sent you? that would really be a big help. thanks! 🙂

I think the issue is that each person has a different URL to click on, which is specific to your Paypal account, and thus the link sent to me probably would not work for you.

You really need to contact Paypal and ask to speak to their Merchant Service department (even if you don’t have a Merchant account with them – I have my own Merchant Processor which is NOT Paypal) and be persistent about getting them to email you that link.

I told them that I was logged on to my email and that I was not hanging up until I actually saw the email come to me. They did eventually send the email and waited until it came through on my end.

I doubt phishing here.


oh… thanks 😀 i just have a problem with contacting them by phone since i live outside the US, i just handle the merchant account for our business. i tried emailing them for now. thanks 🙂

Thanks a lot for this useful post. I had the same issue and got it resolved in a few minutes.

Here is how I did it: I logged on Paypal, clicked on “Help” at the top, and wrote them an email just saying: “My clients cannot pay with their MasterCard debit/credit cards anymore. I can’t find the link to agree with the MasterCard Service Agreement. Please send it to me asap. Thanks.”. Someone at Paypal replied to me in less than 15 minutes with the link to click. The link is specific to our account, not a generic link, so I can’t give it out here. Good luck.

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