eBay Mystery of the Powerseller Discount SOLVED

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eBay Powersellers receive discounts on their final value fees (FVFs) whenever they attain certain standards.  Powerseller discounts are based on the 30-day Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) found in a seller’s eBay Dashboard.  Achieving a 30-day DSR rating of 4.8 or higher earns a Powerseller a 15% discount on FVFs and achieving a 30-day DSR rating of 4.6 or 4.7 in all four areas earns a Powerseller a 5% discount on FVFs.  That part of the equation has been explained and understood.
The mystery, regarding Powerseller Discounts, has been how and when the 30-day DSR scores are used to calculate the discount.  I spoke to eBay Trust and Safety today and a nice gentleman explained it to me verbally since there is nothing in writing on the eBay website.  eBay randomly chooses one day of the month, not the same day every month, to determine Powerseller discounts for the month.  eBay wants the date chosen to be random so that a seller cannot manipulate the discount, although the eBay Trust and Safety representative admitted that he was not sure how anyone can manipulate their DSRs.  But since that possibility of manipulation might somehow exist, eBay implemented the random date to ensure the integrity of the score used to calculate the discount.  I don’t know about you but personally I wouldn’t have time to figure out how to manipulate my DSRs so that they are always on target for just one day of the month, even if I did know in advance the date I needed to have acceptable DSRs for the discount.  I am a bit too busy selling and shipping and providing good customer service as well as navigating through the eBay glitches and keeping up with all the curve balls eBay continues to throw at me.
I also clarified with Trust and Safety that some days’ DSRs might never be counted and some days’ DSRs might actually be counted twice.  For example, let’s say that for April the “random date” chosen was April 22nd and in May the “random date” chosen was May 25th.  In May, the 30-day DSR rating would go from April 26th to May 25th so that the DSRs earned April 23rd through April 25th would never be used to calculate the discount for any month.  Then assume that in June, the “random date” chosen was June 21st so that the 30-day rating would be calculated from May 23rd to June 21st meaning the DSRs earned May 23rd through May 25th count for both June’s Powerseller Discount as well as for May’s Powerseller Discount.
Frankly, I don’t know what all the Cloak and Dagger is about.  I wish eBay would just explain things to us rather than have us go pull teeth from them to get the answers.  Just think how much more time eBay sellers would have to sell if they weren’t always having to play eBay Detective.

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4 Responses to “eBay Mystery of the Powerseller Discount SOLVED”

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Um, isn’t the whole point of DSRs to “manipulate” them so that they’re consistently high? eBay wants everyone to provide good service, but they seem to be going out of their way to make it harder for us to do that and to find ways to penalize us based on random factors. Wanna bet they’ll be picking the day of the month that has the lowest average DSRs for that month? Why can’t they use the carrot instead of the stick?

Excellent information and just as nutso as expected. What a bunch of eedjets.

I agree, I recently had my power seller status revoked for 90 days. I was made aware of this after I was suspended from selling for 14 days for supposedly shill bidding.Someone in my hometown knows I sell items that they are interested in and ebay has assumed that shill bidding was going on. I have been buying and selling on ebay for nearly 13 years! I have 4400 feedbacks with a 99.6% positive feedback rating. Seems like ebay is judge and jury and the little ebay power sellers like myself have absoulutely no way to plead their case. I contacted ebay by phone and after listening to the ebay rep. I have to jump thru so many hoops to plead my case it is just not worth it. So I agree with you you have to be a detective or lawyer to know what you need to do to make a simple plea of innosence. Is it possible that ebay is being trivial in order to reduce the amount of power sellers for them to make higher profits?

Ebay can go straight to Hell.

They just screwed me out of my powerseller discount by counting one “3” twice.

Random number?

No way.

This was the month I really sold a lot of stuff, and generated a hefty Ebay Invoice.

Of course, they screw me on that one.

If there is a way to **** Ebay over, I will certainly do it.

**** @holes!

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