A Quick Summary of some New eBay Policies Rolling Out Soon

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July 2008 – All sellers will be required to specify their shipping cost

See my previous Blog Post titled “Are you Ready for Ebay’s New Shipping Policy?”


Fall 2008 – All sellers will be required to specify the following:

1. Item Condition (whether the item is new or used)

2. Handling time (how long it will take you to put the item in the mail)

3. Whether or not you offer a return policy, and if so, what the terms are.

I have a few suggestions.  I always state a handling time that I am SURE that I can meet then I do everything possible to exceed the expectation I have set.  If I state 5 business days and ship in 2 days then I have exceeded expectations.  If I state 2 days handling time and ship in 2 days then I have only met the level of expectation.  Regarding the return policy, even if it is your policy to NOT accept returns back you will be required to state that in the return policy section of your listing.

One final tip is that make sure any information you have written out in your auction description listing actually agrees with the payment terms, handling time, and return policy that is shown down below the listing.  I have seen way too many auctions that have conflicting information and the buyer will always expect to be allowed the term that is most beneficial to them, as they should be.


September 2008 –  email addresses will no longer be allowed in listing descriptions 

I actually think this is a good change since listing your email address in an auction description only invites spam and a whole host of emails that you probably don’t want to receive.  If you want to enourage contact, it will still be acceptable to include a phone number in the listing.



 End-of-Year 2008 – sitewide implementation of the new Item Page (small percentage beginning next week and increasing throughout the year)

When the new Item Page rollout is complete, only “safe” html will be allowed on the Item Description Page.  More details about what is considered “safe” should be revealed by eBay soon. 

Details of the new Item Page: http://pages.ebay.com/newitempage/


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3 Responses to “A Quick Summary of some New eBay Policies Rolling Out Soon”

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Personally I would find it impossible to categorise the condition of most of the items I have sold as new or used, and I’m sure I can’t be the only person with that dilemma. I have sold some stock items I inherited from my parents, which came from their shop which closed over 20 years ago. Strictly speaking the items are new, as most have only been out of the box for me to check condition and contents. But, they have been in storage for 20 years, the boxes especially are not in the pristine condition to be expected from new items. On the other hand, to my knowledge, they have never been used. At present I miss out the condition box and explain the situation in the description. I suppose I just have to hope I have time to sell the rest before the rule comes in.

It pisses me off to have to revise all of my listings again after I just did it in March and it took 3 freaking days. One thing about that bulk editing feature is it doesn’t work for condition – not even individually. I have noticed even though when I revised all my listings individually a couple hundred didn’t take- I know this because they don’t show up on eBay express because of item condition.

The return is the same as above

Shipping is already done.

The other thing that pisses me off about revising is having to end a couple hundred due to some selling on quantity listings. They steal my money for this all the freaking time and it is BS.

The listing page – well to say furious doesn’t come close. They are way out of line with that one. I have like 800 dollars into my store in coding alone- I do all my layout and graphics, and I am very emotional about my store it is in fact the main reason I haven’t dumped this nightmare yet.

I resent their robbing me of my individuality. They are also robbing me of one of my competitive attributes. They are wrong and out of line. I am sick of them thinking I work for them- if they want to take that approach I want salary and benefits.

What a freaking nut Lori is! She thinks we will feel better because of her statement- uh no. If anything she should be acknowledging our feelings and rolling back all these BS changes. If she is admitting the new bunch of idiots are not fit for the job she should do so with a letter of resignation in her hand not pleas of our bearing with all this crap, because they are incompetent for the duty.

That is another issue- they have a lot of nerve negatively affecting our lives – our real life- while at the same time bragging about the number of people who are entirely reliant on eBay as their sole income. This only exposes the greater depth of their lack of compassion for humanity and all the people who pay their freaking bills.

They just peeve me to no end

I will never give my phone number to potential customers. Never. People can buy from me and get it during checkout, but I sell on ebay on MY schedule. I don’t want buyers calling me at all hours of the day or night with questions. Email works just fine for me. I never put my email address in my listings, but it is on Me Page where it will remain.

I will never use skype for the same reason.

The links policy is short sighted as well, but again, that is nothing new.

Most of these changes have no benefit for me. In fact, the handling time requirement is tied to a delivery estimate provided by ebay–something I vehemently disagree with, as the carrier estimates are known to be overly optimistic. Media mail in 2 days…yeah right.

Oh, and Brews, I can no longer post on ink and RBH will not respond to emails asking why. Could be my computer, but I doubt it.

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