Is eBay really listening to both the data and the emotion?

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“Lorrie talked about the difficulty of making decisions (such as the retroactive Feedback) purely based on data, vs. also taking the emotional factor into account. She admitted that sometimes eBay’s decisions were made on the basis of mostly the former, neglecting the latter…
When data and emotion come together, we need to listen to both.” She then asked our Community to give the company “a fair shot,” especially considering that much of the company leadership is new in their roles. Lorrie then said, “I don’t know what the past was like. I’m sorry for the past, but come join us for the future.”
The above quote was taken from the eBay Chatter and can be accessed directly at the following URL:
I think Lorrie made an important point.  Lorrie says she doesn’t know what the past was like and I interpret that to mean that she doesn’t understand or appreciate eBay’s history and wouldn’t begin to have a clue about the abuse eBay sellers have been subjected to for many years at the hands of eBay itself, eBay buyers, and the participants in the eBay VERO program.  But, hey, she’s sorry about that.  Let’s forgive and forget and move on.  Okay, I could accept that apology (if you could call it that) and I could look to the future except for one problem.  The “past” eBay abuses are very recent and there is no reason to believe that the future will be any different from the past.
eBay has a 10+ year history for which they should be sorry for.  But perhaps Lorrie is asking us to judge eBay the way they are now having buyers judge us, by viewing only our actions from the last 12 months.  In that case, Lorrie is wanting us to place our faith in the future of eBay based only on their RECENT actions.  
Okay then.  Let’s look at a “current event.”  Under Lorrie’s recent watch, digitally delivered items were removed from eBay and policy violations were issued to sellers BEFORE any policy change was even announced.  This incident was about three months ago.  I guess Lorrie is not sorry for that recent event and we can look forward to much more surprises like that in the future.  
The eBay company leaders, who are new in their roles, are asking for a “fair shot” but their recent actions thus far have been anything but fair.  And they say they are listening to our emotion, all the while nodding their heads up and down as if they are hearing us but because we are speaking a different language they do not really have a clue what we are saying or what we mean.  eBay leadership can hear emotion in our voice and can sense our displeasure but they cannot understand the words we are saying or the meaning behind the words because they don’t have the everyday technical eBay experiences that we do.  It would be like an electrical engineer attempting to explain the technical problems to the company leaders who have not been trained in electrical engineering.  eBay leadership does not understand us and thus our emotions seem irrational to them.  And because of the past and recent history showing eBay to be unfair, untrustworthy, lacking in integrity, and full of empty promises, we haven’t heard any communication from eBay that would give us any confidence that we should make a long-term commitment to go forward into the future with eBay.   

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One Response to “Is eBay really listening to both the data and the emotion?”

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“they say they are listening to our emotion, all the while nodding their heads up and down as if they are hearing us but because we are speaking a different language they do not really have a clue what we are saying or what we mean.”

More like bobble-head dolls. They just move their heads up and down, side to side, with any vibration. Totally random movements. All while maintaining the stupid painted on smile.

Perhaps that’s more like it.

I happen to think the past 10 years of selling have been GREAT. It’s this year that has SUCKED the most of any year I’ve been selling. I’ve been at it since 1997. I’ve been a Powerseller in the past, and really it was great. It’s been fun up until January 29th of this year.

Now, in retrospect, my sales up until today are still what I consider good. My fees really SUCK and I can really see the increase each month – and it hurts.

eBay is OVERPRICED for what they deliver. But, they are a public company , they are driven by Wall Street investors who expect a ROI. All the competing sites are privately owned, so they aren’t under the same pressure to “deliver the goods” (cash) so to speak.

eBay is between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the sellers, and the hard place is Wall Street. It’s their own fault.

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