eBay Has An ” Excessive Payments ” Policy… Who Knew?

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I stumbled upon one of eBay’s new Policies today (there are ALWAYS new eBay unannounced policies I am learning about!)

Did you know that eBay may actually REFUSE to take payments from sellers attempting to settle their eBay bill?  There is no information anywhere on the net about eBay’s “Excessive Payments” policy and the eBay reps are stumped by my question. 

 The best I can determine — if a seller attempts to make more than 3 PayPal payments to pay their Seller Fees on their eBay account (over a few days time period) then eBay will refuse to take any futher payments.  Instead, a message appears telling sellers that additional payments are not allowed and that they should try again later.   The warning is in red letters along with the triangle w/ exclamation point and the words “Excessive Payments” all in red.

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10 Responses to “eBay Has An ” Excessive Payments ” Policy… Who Knew?”

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What in the world?? Maybe they are trying to cut down on their Paypal fees?? ; )

Seriously, I think this all ties in to your negativity blog down below. I can no longer think of eBay without feeling some kind of weight on my shoulders either as a buyer or seller.

The us against them mentality that eBay has fostered and nurtured in the last couple years with all the change has made the place feel positively toxic. If eBay was a train derailment, the nearby towns would be evacuated the air is so bad.

As a seller, I worry about my buyers in a way I never did before and as a buyer I worry that I’m buying from a seller who has realized just how little eBay values them.

There has always been some risk involved in using eBay and I was willing to take it because it was not front and center in my thinking. Media stories made me more cautious but not in any unreasonable way. I was willing to be responsible for my own actions.

All this hammering by eBay on everything that could go wrong, not to mention the race to the bottom for prices that they are wanting us to run is what has driven me away.

I’m impressed that you and others have the stamina to continue to sell there. I don’t know how you do it. I’m a negativity wimp I guess.

Take care.

Actually they have been doing this for a long time- last fall I was prevented from making any more payments for 24hrs- there appeared to be a daily limit and weekly- but it did happen on a few occasions.

I have no idea what the purpose is other than if eBay has to pay transaction fees to paypal maybe they don’t like the extra 30 cent charges LOL

eBay runs PayPal LOL

Ebay has done this because some time ago..I think last year, some angry sellers decided to pay their ebay bill using very small increments-imagine the fee and time incurred paying your bill a dollar at a time;-)

I think I read this on OTWA which is now defunct. Some sellers there really gave ebay a run for their money,and that “excessive payment policy” was in place a week into their ahem “Campaign”;-)

That doesn’t make sense at all I thought eBay owned PayPal.

i had this problem, i think its some thing to do with paypals security, as i was able to pay it with a credit card. hope that helps, regards david

I’ve just stumbled across this bizarre policy. How ridiculous! I like to pay my fees as I go, which saves me with a huge bill at the end of the month, and means I can transfer any remaining money to my bank account.
Ebay owns Paypal, so this can’t be about fees. Surely paying your fees once a day isn’t excessive! I’m getting rid of loads of old stuff at the moment, and have made seven payments of between £5 and £35 over the last seven days.
Why am I being made to feel like I’m doing something wrong?

Even if eBay does not have fees taken by paypal, there are fees if the person paying uses a credit card (or non-PIN credit card) through Visa/Mastercard/etc.

I searched on Google and got here. Haha I just got the message and tried it few times and still getting it. I think there’s a limit on how many times you can pay your fees every day/week.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

I have been selling hardcore lately and got that today. I try and pay my fees as I sell to avoid them piling up. Trying to submit a $66.76 payment today and they refused it. Nice.

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