eBay Continues to Use the Excuse of System Glitches to Enforce New Seller Polices

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Back in July 2008, I wrote an article about PayPal Being Required for eBay.com Sellers without a Merchant Account and eBay responded with an Announcement that there was a system glitch and that the Payments Policy had not changed.  However, eBay then came out exactly one month later and announced a new Payments Policy which was exactly as I had predicted a month earlier. 

During the 30 days between eBay stating that there was a “glitch” forcing sellers to accept Paypal and the date of the formal announcement, many sellers were being denied the ability to list unless they accepted Paypal.  Time and time again, eBay has used the excuse of “system glitch” to, in effect, force users into accepting policies that have either not yet been announced or have not yet been implemented.

Let’s take another more recent example.  Based on the TimeLine information that eBay publicly announced, the change in the Payments Policy goes into effect at the end of October.  However, due to another “system glitch”, eBay sellers are already being forced into halting their acceptance of checks and money orders.  Many sellers on the eBay Powerseller Community Board (accessible only to eBay Powersellers) have been reporting that for the past few days the invoices they send to their buyers do not include their mailing address thus making it impossible for buyers to send payments in the mail.  When I asked an eBay Powerseller Rep about this “glitch”, I was told that buyers who use the eBay checkout and choose the check/money order option will then receive the seller’s mailing address until the end of October.  Otherwise, buyers will not receive the seller’s address and sellers must send a separate email to give out their Payments mailing address or include a note in the invoice.

Recently, on the eBay Chatter Blog John McDonald answered questions about the new eBay Paperless Policy.  He was asked “So why not allow sellers to offer check and money order payments in addition to electronic options?” McDonald’s response: Because buyers would continue to pay off-eBay and have an inconsistent checkout experience.  Now, there is just so much wrong with that statement and the logic eBay is trying to use to justify not allowing sellers to accept checks and money orders.  But this blog post is not about debating the illogical explanations about eBay’s new Paperless Payment policy.

What I am focusing on today is eBay’s consistent use of the term “system glitch” to force the early implementation of announced policies on sellers as well as forcing sellers to comply with unannounced policies.  eBay continues to show a total lack of respect toward sellers and I cannot imagine how eBay will ever gain back the trust of its community.  eBay’s strong arm tactics, including the misuse of the term system glitches, needs to stop if they have any hope of creating a long-term healthy relationship with the good sellers that are still listing on the eBay site. 

For eBay to continue to behave in such an ethically irresonsible manner suggests to me that they must be incredibly worried about their own short-term survival, so much so that they cannot consider the long-term implications of damaging their reputation within the seller community.  Either that, or eBay thinks that sellers will ultimately overlook or forgive the abuses if the financial rewards that are being promised by eBay to sellers are finally realized.  Perhaps eBay is right.  Sellers are screaming at eBay to “Show Me the Money!” but eBay will need to do so quickly, before eBay sellers’ patience for the repeated system glitches finally runs out.


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5 Responses to “eBay Continues to Use the Excuse of System Glitches to Enforce New Seller Polices”

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[…] eBay Continues to Use the Excuse of System Glitches to Enforce New … […]

“eBay continues to show a total lack of respect toward sellers and I cannot imagine how eBay will ever gain back the trust of its community.”

Simple: They won’t.

I’ve noticed this of late, eBay informing me that because the item I am selling is ‘high risk’ I must use PayPal. The convenience of using paypal is tarnished by eBay’s autocratic enforcement of it’s use coupled with the fact that eBay take their listing fee, PayPal take their cut and then charge you again for withdrawing the money to your account.

Perhaps if I close my PayPal account altogether eBay will have no choice but to let me receive payment for my ‘high risk’ items by cheque.

Ebay and Paypal need to take accountability when these glitches happen as they seriously can put a seller behind schedule.

I never received any notification when payments were showing as an echeck in my Selling Manager Pro – just to fin dout that it was a Paypal error and payment went through – days ago.
Being a high volume seller with money coming and going all the time – I can not be checking my Paypal balance every day for cleared transactions. NOT when I am paying for this service.

Thanks again eBay Management. Thanks for telling me on the phone that there were no glitches and leaving me frustrated and wasting time. Thanks Trust and Safety for laughing at me on the phone ( the rep seriously did laugh – professional, isn’t it ? )

Thanks for killing my business and causing hardship on my family.

Hey, my account was suspended because of a seller manager pro glitch. My account manager suggest I sign up for seller manager pro, I did, however, when I did it caused the setting that I had set years previously to be unset where it said to check so that customers outside the country’s that I ship to could not bid. When I signed up for seller manager pro it took that seeing off without me being notified and I received 3 negatives on May 24th as a result of this glitch which caused my account to go into 75% restriction and ultimately lead to my suspension.

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