eBay Ignores Sellers’ Complaints and Then Claims Sellers are Ignorant of the Best Match System

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The eBay Best Match System has been broken… for days… or possibly weeks.  And despite many complaints about the system being broken, eBay chose to dismiss sellers’ complaints as being nothing more than the ramblings of ignorant or disgruntled sellers.  Noone at eBay took the matter seriously for days, if not weeks.

As an example of the problem, I used the Search term: Flower Basket

Page 1 Results (Top of the Page showing the search and bottom of the page showing Outside Links that Potential Buyers see)


Page 31 Results (bottom of page 31 which shows the very last listings as well as the outside links):


What you notice about these search results is that what one would expect to appear on page 1 (auctions ending in a few minutes, free shipping items, items from good sellers who have great feedback and good DSRs) actually appear at the bottom of the very last page, page 31.  And the listings someone would expect to see on the last page (new fixed price listings ending in 7 days, for example) actually appear at the very top of page 1.

The fact that the Best Match is broken so that listings are reversed is sure making the sellers who have Lowered Status very happy right now.  I personally know someone who has Lowered Status on their dashboard and their sales the past few day have been much better than normal.   The really truly frustrating part, though, is that the problem with Best Match has been reported to eBay for days, if not weeks, and they have completely dismissed our reports.

I reported the problem Saturday to eBay Powerseller Support and again on Sunday to Powerseller Reps.  On Monday I called Top Seller Support and reported the problem.  Again, I reported the problem yesterday to Powerseller Support and again today to Top Seller Report.  Initially, Powerseller Support brushed me off because the problem was intermittent.  The search results would be reversed one time and then not the next and then sometimes if you refreshed the screen, the results would completely reverse.  On Monday, when I spoke with Top Seller Support, they said they had no reports of the problem and that they would pass along what I said and I didn’t feel that I was being taken seriously.  Their recommendation to me was that I just watch what was happening and give it time since some programming changes were happening now to support the new changes coming next week.

However, the Best Match problem became progressively worse on Monday and, so, on Tuesday I called back Powerseller Support and attempted to explain in detail what the problem was and what I thought was wrong with the results being returned.  I offered to fax over or send complete documentation.  The Powerseller Rep belittled me and attempted to tell me I was ignorant of the Best Match and how it worked and that I couldn’t know if the system was broken or not since I couldn’t see other sellers’ DSR 30-day ratings.  As I opened my mouth to respond, and told him not to call me ignorant, he hung up on me.  Before I had an opportunity to call Top Seller Support on Tuesday, to try again to get someone to listen to me, I learned of a family crisis which needed my immediate attention and so my call to Top Seller Support was not made again until today.  Today, the Best Match was not intermittently broken – it was completely 100% broken for every search result ever time.

Today, a full 5-days after I personally began reporting the problem, and as much as two weeks after some sellers began reporting the problem to eBay Powerseller Support, eBay finally acknowledged the problem and began working on the issue.  eBay’s lack of response for days, possibly weeks, is completely unexcusable. 

eBay keeps the Best Match algorithm a highly guarded secret and that algorithm uses sellers’ DSRs which are anonymous, and have been shown to have glitches, and when something in the Best Match system breaks down to the point where we can definitely see that the system is broken, eBay ignores us and/or tells us that we are ignorant.  I guess perhaps I am a bit ignorant, not ignorant of the Best Match system and how it works, but ignorant for hanging in there on eBay as long as I have.


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3 Responses to “eBay Ignores Sellers’ Complaints and Then Claims Sellers are Ignorant of the Best Match System”

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‘I guess perhaps I am a bit ignorant, not ignorant of the Best Match system and how it works, but ignorant for hanging in there on eBay as long as I have.’

Brews, I don’t think you are ignorant at all. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say I think you have been very (this might be the wrong word) brave to continue to try and make the eBay platform work for you among all the changes.

I also think that your willingness to take time out of what clearly is a busy business life to continually share your experiences with the rest of us has been remarkable and we are very thankful.

The only ignorance that is being displayed is the ignorance that eBay shows everytime another seller walks out the door.

Your not ignorant Brews, eBay just wants you to feel that way, like an abusive partner in a relationship, when you finally reach your breaking point and say ‘No More!’ and walk away, eBay will look around and say, ‘What did I do? So that’s how you thank me after I treated you so well! I gave you everything! You’ll never survive without me!’

Well, I’m not a seller of your caliber Brews, but I can state with a certainty, that I would not have felt a year ago, that there is life away from eBay. There are better sales with a whole lot less hassle. People are still buying and don’t seem to be the bottom feeders that eBay has been building a mall for.

Whatever you decide to do Brews, know that there are a whole lot of people out here who appreciate you, really respect your business sense and wish only for your continued success.

It amazes me how flip they are about these “glitches”. They clearly owe everyone money and they make no gesture of good faith no pretense of consideration – ooopse sorry ok well we fixed it. The problem is what the hell does fixed even look like now that they are making the new search changes. Everyone should think about this past probably at least 2 weeks- I have read reports of people saying they have been reporting the problem for a couple weeks now- is this what the fixed 30 day best match will look like??

They act as though the reversed time was the only issue- not even-p the search was such a mess when I discovered it the other day the reversed aspect was not even a top thought I was more concerned about the bouncing around and the items being shown and then not and then others I hadn’t seen. At least if it were only the reversed thing there was opportunity for the item to be seen at some point. With what I was experiencing people would not have seen many items because they never came up. How many buyers do a search and then flip through the results several times? They don’t I only did because I saw my auctions on 2 return pages so it drew my attention anyone else would have went through the pages and moved on never seeing a third of what was listed.

Oh geeze sorry my bad la la la la- that’s eBay’s solution. it is criminal

You made a mistake when talking to eBay. The fact is eBay does NOT LISTEN TO SELLER COMPLAINTS!!

When you talk to your rep. alway mention things like:

“this makes it difficult for the buyer”
“my buyers will be upset”
“this makes it hard for the buyer”
“this is not what a buyer wants”

Case in point:

When when neutral FB counted as negatives the change came about from buyer complaints NOT sellers. Many buyers did not want their neutrals counted this way.

Be a buyer advocate, never complain about your problems!
Your complaints fall on deaf ears. Only buyer problems will be acted on. Bottom line many of these changes negatively affects the buyers anyway so ALWAYS bring up how the problem negatively affects them.

Powerseller Support is only there to motivate the seller to conform to eBays intentions. Remember eBay considers the buyer now to be their customer used to be the sellers customer.

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