Many eBay Powersellers Say ” After the Holiday Season We are Done “

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Today I was reading through the eBay Community Boards and found a post on the Powerseller Board titled After this Holiday Season We are Done .  You can click on the title to read the post but you must be signed in as an eBay Powerseller to read the post on the eBay Community Board.

eBay has publicly stated that its’ recently created stringent rules and new policies were going to have the intended effect of reducing the number of eBay sellers.  I do agree that there were several sellers on the site pre-2008 that did not belong.  However, what I find distressing is the number of outstanding Powersellers, seasoned veteran eBay sellers, who are reducing their eBay offerings or leaving altogether.  I cannot imagine, even in my wildest dreams, that eBay set out on a course where their intent was to cause a mass exodus of Powersellers.  I am sure there must be some good eBay sellers who are focusing all their efforts on eBay sales and are looking forward to the future with great enthusiasm but those sellers are not posting on eBay Community Boards or public blogs, from what I have seen.  Prior to 2008, I did read positive eBay comments along with the negative ones as sites were filled with diverse views.  However, now it is almost impossible to find positive comments written by current eBay sellers.

As Powersellers liquidate their remaining inventory this holiday season, I suspect the average selling prices (ASPs) will likely remain very low and will probably decline even further.  I would expect selection and variety to decrease on the eBay site in 2009 as many Powersellers with unique products disappear from eBay or significantly limit the number of items they offer on eBay.  It does make you wonder why eBay is sitting by and watching good veteran sellers, Powersellers and non-Powersellers alike, fold up their tents and leave yet do absolutely nothing about it.  Giving the existing eBay buyers coupons, percentage-off offers, and frequent buyer rewards won’t help to increase sales on eBay if the buyers cannot find something which interests them that they want to buy.

Selected comments from the eBay Community Board Powerseller Post:

Feedback # (Feedback %) – Comment

9470 (99.4%) – I am sad to say that after 10 years on ebay we are going to be signing off.


5631 (99.8%) – We are getting out, too.  Our auctions have always needed to be 99 cent auctions;otherwise, no bids.  We can’t take this beating any longer…

8232 (99.9%) – Ditto, cashing in and runnin!


8439 (99.9%) – I am not leaving but I have shifted my major efforts elsewhere for the time being.


12315 (100%) – I’ll probably be out of here also or really cut back…In the past year or so I dropped my listings in half as it is.


6201 (99.9%) – I currently have no plans to leave eBay, but my own web site will be open shortly, and I have my toe in the water at a few other online venues.


5825 (100%) – I haven’t set a date yet [to leave eBay], I have a bunch of stuff to get listed and sell, I just can’t get motivated to actually do that.

4898 (99.9%) – I can’t say I’ll be leaving, but will be cutting back drastically after February/March ’09. I will not be purchasing any more inventory off season to sell into the future. Ebay’s future is too uncertain for my liking.


5152 (100%) – I’m on the verge of leaving this all behind. After the free shipping glitch last night I’m afraid to list anything in spite of having a lot of items ready to go. Am thinking about combining items I have left into flat rate box lots, selling what I can, and being done with this whole mess. Every change on ebay in the past few months has been a headache and, for the most part, has resulted in a sales decline.


7898 (99.7%) – I’ve already begun cutting back. After the holiday season I will be either shutting down my eBay store or dropping its level and hang around long enough to see if anything changes in eBayland.

5777 (99.2%) – I’ve cut my listings by 35%, whacking out a category. 


7340 (99.8%) – Count us out as well. We had hoped to sell off inventory, but nothing is selling and we are raised in search right now. The constant changes, the insane DSR’s. The raised fee’s. The crazy new improved feedback. Tired of it all. Wanted to get through the Holidays, but looks like we would just be paying fee’s with no return.


15827 (99.9%) – We are no longer putting additional advertising dollars and programming resources into eBay. We are now focusing on the River, our own website, and probably a few other venues.  EBay is a major time sink with FAR less returns. We spend more time tweaking eBay listings to adjust to their poorly thought out changes than working on expanding other areas of our business.  The 1st week of October our website was doing as good as our eBay listings!!! EBay listings used to way outperform our website. So that tells us something right there. We are placing the money we used to spend on eBay and sending it to other advertising venues to promote our own website. We would love to see eBay return to being a viable advertising venue. However with the current misdirection of eBay and the major issues with their search engine and BestMatch, we feel we have to start putting all our resources OUTSIDE of eBay in order to continue to prosper.  We are not leaving eBay. We just are going to start diverting money and time we used to spend here and place it with other advertisers.

4831 (100%) – I still have my store (at least for now), but haven’t done much with it for some time. Nor have I been listing much in core.  I have no desire to waste my time revising the 1,000+ items in my store to conform to all the new ebay “rules.”  Instead, have been more wisely spending my time (and working hard) getting my own website going. With all the ebay glitches, and the Best Match mess, I’m afraid to list anything any more. Not to mention the lousy support which will probably get even lousier with all the layoffs.

10250 (100%) – Well, I’ll probably still be dropping by after the first of the year, but I am loving the minimal presence we now have on eBay. Less stress, fewer headaches and few hassles these days now that we are down to 10% of our previous eBay volume. Just about all of our sales have been moved away from the site now and I have no regrets at all.


3755 (98.9%) – We are gone too…We are running the bare minimum to keep our people on payroll from now until January. 


8986 (99.3%) – Looks like I will be winding down as well after the holidays. I’m obligated to my current warehouse until April of next year, but after that I won’t need one. I’ll maintain a presence, but it will be for recreational purposes only. I won’t be doing it for a living any more.  It has become so disheartening and discouraging watching our eBay business being slowly strangled by micro-managing and poorly thought out changes. I’m just glad that I always kept my foot in the door with my previous “day-job” for the insurance benefits. I’ll just go back to working full time.


15000 (99.6%) – We are leaving in Jan as well. eBay’s new rules and search has completely destroyed our business. On average, we sold between 13 and 15 items every day, day in and day out, now with their new search, we are lucky to sell one or two. Over the years we have paid over $80K in fees and had no problems doing so since we were doing well. They will no longer get that money from us. It is very sad what eBay has turned into.


3690 (99.9%) – I will also be closing shop at the end of the year. I have a lot of inventory that I have no motivation to list right now. Selling here was never a hobby for me. I took my business seriously and put everything I had into it. Now I realize it isn’t worth the time and effort to keep going here. I have a couple other storefronts and am putting my energy into getting them running full steam. The more I give to my business the more ebay takes from it and I have had enough.

9298 (99.2%) – Most buyers do not want to take the time to communicate, most newbies do not take the time to read etc.  We’ve had it.  We are done with EBAY MAFIA.  They have no clue how to treat US their customer.  Unless sellers leave, they will keep doing it.  We dont have the stomach anymore.

5639 (99.9%) – In July I was just letting my store listings expire. I was down to 43 listings from my previous 2,000. Then I had an idea of how I might still have a presence here. I was just starting to implement that plan when they broke the site. So I wait to see if it gets back to working so I can try it.  It is weird to check my traffic each day and see my website about 20% higher than my eBay store and my sales there running over double my eBay sales.  Have you bought anything on eBay recently? I just did buy a few things this last month. Wow, eBay all but begs you to leave the seller a negative. It’s like they are trying to build an adversarial culture here.  Ah well, on my way out and I can’t help being angry for being cheated out of the eBay that I so enjoyed.


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20 Responses to “Many eBay Powersellers Say ” After the Holiday Season We are Done “”

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Similar stories to what I am hearing from very large to smaller sellers. Even a Diamond seller 🙂

(8200 – 100% – all DSRs 4.9+) These comments are from the vocal minority, but I believe it’s a true sampling of the seller community. Too bad! eBay was a great company. At the end of August we just decided to be reactive to eBay and proactive on everything off eBay. Three weeks ago we opened our own website and with the help of $10/day on Adwords our traffic is equal to our traffic on eBay. On eBay we raised all prices by $25 and offered free shipping. Best thing we ever did on eBay. ASPs skyrocketed, unit sales declined, but total sales dollars remained flat.

Ditto to all the above comments.
-from that Non Diamond Diamond PS Randy mentions.

We used to be one of the largest sellers on eBay, and after Christmas we are saying goodbye, and good riddance. We just don’t care anymore, it’s just not worth it.

eBay has killed our business this year, and next year we will be downsizing, letting people go, and moving into a smaller warehouse. We are done forever.

We made this decision when we realized that eBay will never ever change. The problems they have created are not getting any better. And even if eBay does get better in the future, it won’t be for a very, very long time. At this point, we could care less when or if that day ever comes.

We are sick of wasting our lives on this nonsense. Life is short, and passes you by when you wait for it to get better.

I’m sure our competition will be happy with this news, and I could care less. Let them deal with the millions of dollars in fees, non-paying deadbeat buyers who ask too many questions and have too many demands. We are doing what makes sense for us, and whatever happens in our wake is more than fine by us.

I won’t reveal who we are for a few reasons, but here are some of our stats:

– 7+ years as an eBay seller
– Over 150,000 feedbacks between several user ID’s
– One of the top 12 or so sellers at eBay Live this year left standing during the “feedback game” they play every year, and displayed up on the big screen
– 4.8, 4.8, 4.8, and 4.7
– Free shipping on exactly half of our products
– 2 million dollars in eBay fees, and 150k in Channel Advisor fees over the past 4 years

Good riddance.

We noted on the Ebay forums your article

Among other auctions sites

Its fascinating to know how QUICKLY Ebay removed our thread within minutes for a SATURDAY!

Too bad they weren’t wise enough to respond to sellers that quickly when they have concerns!

Way to go again Ebay

No wonder us sellers are leaving you!

We do not even care about the holidays!

We are not making you ONE RED CENT for the holidays!

my friend listed her products on there for 8 years – totally the best website with no problems – she has quit because this company has screwed her repeatedly.

(3870 – 100% – all DSRs 4.9+)
I’m not even waiting for the holidays. When my current listings have all sold or ended unsold, I’m leaving. The reasons I started selling on eBay – great traffic, plenty of buyers, trusted brand, community spirit, low-cost way to list and sell items – they no longer exist. Each change eBay makes to the site involves many hours of revising listings and I’ve had enough. Thanks eBay, it WAS great, but now it’s not.

I am madison-county-auction-house and I am glad you posted this it is the truth and we are done. I pulled over 350 listings because of netenforcers pushing us around with their vero takedowns. We have to liquidate or remaining stock and my wife broke down last night and cried because she has to leave out 17 month old son and go back to work. I HATE YOU JOHN I HOPE YOU DIE!!!

Imagine you have a STORE in a STRIP MALL
You pay YOUR LEASE each month

Do you think that the Property Management of that STRIP MALL tells you HOW TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS?

They ONLY care that you are NOT doing anything ILLEGAL and that you are PAYING THEM

Ok.. so why is OUR “EBAY” Property Management to WHOM PAY PAY RENT to LIST HERE telling US what to do with OUR CUSTOMERS?

Duh Ebay

Honestly, they make NO SENSE!
its the SAME THING!

Can you imagine getting your NAILS DONE at your local spa and the customer calling PROPERTY MANAGEMENT to complain because they USED THE WRONG COLOR?


We are paying Ebay RENT FOR SPACE ON their SITE!

Thats IT

Ebay needs to BACK OFF and let us DEAL with OUR CUSTOMERS!

After 10 years of e-bay I am folding.I went from listings of 1,500-2000 in my e-bay stores down to 100.I closed one store completely on September 3.The daily frustration,the negative messages and the ultra-fouled up best match search has destroyed my buisness.I went from 10-20 sales per day to 2 if that.
I removed the DSL display from my prefererances-dont want to see it.Its hard enough to deal with e-bay at all these days but the how bad I am doing today DSL chart is just to much for me.
I dont have to leave but I am,I intend to close up shop completely in January sales or no sales.I will not be back.
I have no idea where I am going but it’s not e-bay,they burned the bridge with me.

There’s a new thread for sellers that are staying. A former eBay employee stated in another thread that eBay see sellers are replaceable commodities. For commodity sellers this is true, but for auction sellers … it may be a lost relationship that may never be re-forged again.

TekGems, I think you are right. Once a niche seller finds a more suitable venue, they leave eBay behind them with a heavy sigh of relief. The uniqueness of eBay will ultimately be lost and I believe it will never be regained. Oh, sure, you’ll find plenty of cheap ink cartridges and such on eBay but the niche sellers are now finding alternatives that never existed before and once they leave, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to replace them.

PLEASE see the petition to remove John Donahoe as ebay’s CEO by doing an internet search of:

“Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO”

found at

I wish they wouldn’t wait until after the holiday season. LEAVE NOW so I can make extra money! I don’t believe them anyway, they’re full of malarky!!

Imagine, for a moment, that you worked for Ebay, for 10 years, and had a stellar employment history with them and handled tens of thousands of customers. One month, three people complained about you. Ebay decides that based on those three complaints, they fire you. No inquiry to who made the complaints, or why, or whether or not the complaints actually had anything to do with you at all. And certainly no regard for your outstanding history with the company. Just fired, with no way to defend yourself. The only answer you get is that “Ebay is trying to be a better place.” Sound reasonable to anyone? My account was suspended despite a 100% feedback rating and a long history of excellent DSR. Just hit a bad (and slow) month, and that was the end of me. (30 day suspension, but I can’t answer any emails during this time, so my business is shot anyway.) I’m a bit confused, this is such a bad business practice…

I am not a power seller and have no desire to be one. I sell old books and sheet music. I used to sell 40 to 50 pieces a month, which was fine with me. It supplemented my SS and gave me money to play with. This month I have sold 3 books. Best match and Buy have done me in. I am in the process of moving my stuff off of ebay and will be done by the first of the year.
I really did enjoy ebay until 2008, it has stopped being fun or profitable. Fare thee well ebay

After 8 years, I’m joining the eBay exodus too. I have ended my Power-seller days for greener pastures. I’ll keep my eBay store open through the holidays just to push my customers to my new venues (like Bonanzle!) and after the holidays, I might maintain just enough of a presence on eBay to steal customers for my new stores until my new traffic grows a bit more.

I can not wait to leave ebay and fully intend to after the first of the year. Ebay expects its power sellers to live with the philosophy that the customer is always right. What ebay has forgotten is that power sellers are THEIR customers and has failed to listen to our common voice that share the same concerns. Instead of making things better for us, they have done just the opposite and consistently add insult to injury.

Like any customer, if I don’t get what I need from my selling partner, I move on to the next and never return to shop there again. I’ve had enough of ebay’s blatant disregard for my business and I’m happy to be moving it on in a better direction and a more profitable venue. I found advice there about how to avoid EBAY suspensions, get past PayPal limitations, also lots of detailed help on creating your own business, getting past trademark violations, VERO and lots more. Plus general advice on how best to sell on EBAY, what sells the best, how to get the best price for your product, really everything related to EBAY and internet business.

Also advice about how EBAY really works and how PayPal really works. The inside scoop.

Beautiful forum. I was made a moderator of the forum and I love it!

I believe that ebay had a plan well over a year ago to purposely eliminate thousands of sellers. Did not matter to ebay if you became a powerseller. The ultimate go as we all sat in wonder was for ebay to continue to wave goodbye and whisper.. its working. The reason? I believe they want or thought they could be the New Online Store. Plus cater to quick china sellers and those that scrambled into the drop ship deal. Devious of them. They were embarrassed but kept up the ultimate plan. It shouldnt be any surprise. Why else would they create such rediculous policies. It was planned out to alievate the standard seller. In short they think by you leaving they are fullfilling their original plan. Look at your my ebay page when you log out. 20 auctions for the same .99 cent watch or what not. Same sellers. These people have been making things cheaper for years. Ebay literally sold us out. And they wont be sorry to see us go.

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