eBay Mistakenly Includes FREE Shipping Icon on Listings

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    Is it yet just another glitch?  The eBay community boards are on fire with several sellers reporting that the FREE shipping icon is appearing on their listings when in fact they are clearly charging a shipping fee.  Below are just some of the discussions going on now (you must be logged in to eBay to access the community boards):


My listing has a free shipping sticker! I don’t do free shipping! Help!  Click HERE
Guess What? ebay’s telling our buyers shipping’s free AFTER auction end…  Click HERE
Free shipping popping up when no free shipping offered  Click HERE

Free Shipping????  Click HERE


This widespread “glitch” has been occurring for at least one week, beginning September 16th yet there has been no formal announcement by eBay.  The Systems Announcement Board does not mention any type of FREE Shipping glitch.  You may wonder why sellers would consider the lack of a public announcement to be problematic.  Well, it is because many buyers do NOT believe it is a glitch or an “eBay”  problem.  Instead, buyers are demanding the free shipping that was “advertised” on the listing.  And what is eBay’s response when sellers complain and express their fear of receiving a negative feedback?  eBay tells the seller it is a business decision and that they have the “choice” to offer free shipping or not.  eBay has stated to these sellers that they will NOT remove the negative feedback that results from the buyer being dissatisfied at having to pay the shipping cost that was clearly stated.


Now, most buyers are reasonable and will grudingly pay the stated shipping or will agree to a mutual withdrawal.  But sellers are unable to point to any System Announcement to show the buyers that the Free Shipping mistake was not an intentional error on the part of the seller to “hook” them into the purchase with unethical tactics.  Glitches on the eBay site are clearly out of control but what really makes it unbearable is the fact that eBay will not take a minute to publicly post a notice on the Systems Announcement Board.  Instead, eBay expects sellers to have to make a tough decision about whether to offer free shipping, possibly losing money on the entire transaction, or suffering the loss of reputation because of unfavorable feedback ratings or poor DSR ratings from buyers. 


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8 Responses to “eBay Mistakenly Includes FREE Shipping Icon on Listings”

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Luckily, I was able to explain to the buyer that my 38 lbs package did not have free shipping. But I did see the free shipping icon next to my picture. Even if you can explain to customers individually, what does this say about buyer confidence and the “buyer experience”? If eBay is going to make sellers adhere to new selling standards, eBay needs to be a leader in this regard and provide a consistent and positive buying experience.

I want to be able to rate ebay with a Detailed
list Ratings and i rate them -0

You rent a storefront in Downtown America, you work hard, you
advertise your business, you try to do what is right by your
customers, and you are making a modest living

One day you show up to work only to find the doors to your storefront
chained and padlocked. Upon closer inspection, you find a note
attached to the window. It reads….

“You have violated the terms of your lease and have been locked out of
your store. We have removed your entire inventory from the building.
We have cancelled your advertisements with the local media, and as an
added measure, we have pulled your customer list and informed your
customers that they should not do business with you because of
possible illegal activity within your business and they could become
liable or lose their money if they do business with you. Should you
have any questions about this, please contact your landlord.”

Possible? In America? Read on…

You’re a basket of emotions, all conflicting, while at the same time,
you are in shock, You are angry, you are confused, You did nothing
wrong. You think that if only you could contact your landlord, you
could straighten it all out in a matter of minutes, after all, you did
nothing wrong. You jump on the telephone, call your landlord, and get
his answering machine. You leave a message. Later that day you leave
another. The next morning, after still hearing nothing, you try again.
Several days go by, every day you try harder and harder to contact
your landlord. You call, you email, you go to his house, and you can’t
get though to him. Finally, 2 weeks later he finally responds. You ask
him what is going on, why did he lock you out of your store, you read
him the note that he left on your window and you ask him again, what
is going on?

His response comes slowly… “I’m not able to discuss this with you
because it involves other people, and they have a right to their
privacy, I’m sorry. ”

In disbelief, you push for a better, real answer. You’re now 2½ weeks
into this ordeal, you have lost all your income for the last two ½
weeks, your 2 employees have been without paychecks, and you are late
on your mortgage. Finally, after another 3 days of back and forth
communications, your landlord tells you that you broke the terms of
the lease by not taking out your trash out to the curb one day, and
someone reported you. He tells you he will unchain your store and let
you back in as long as you promise to take the trash to the curb every

You know this is totally ridiculous and unfair but you have been
without a paycheck for weeks, and you are just excited to be back in
business, you thank him!

But wait, what about the rest of the stuff? This part – “We have
removed your entire inventory from the building. We have cancelled
your advertisements with the local media, and as an added measure, we
have pulled your customer list and informed your customers that they
should not do business with you because of possible illegal activity
within your business and they could become liable or lose their money
if they do business with you.” – You ask him about it, he replies,
“I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do about that, “You shouldn’t have
violated the terms of your lease.”

So again, I will ask you, possible? Yes, and it happens every day, on
eBay. With a click of a mouse, your account is suspended without even
a hint of recourse or an appeals process.

Here’s some recent quotes taken from various places on the internet:
“Go outside and find a nice tree. Then talk to it about appealing your
suspension. You’ll be more likely to get a response from the tree than
you will attempting to contact eBay.”
“They did it to me And after about a month, I got my account back.”
“Yes, you are guilty until proven innocent where eBay is concerned.”
“Close you down and refuse to communicate with you.”
“It’s been about 10 days since I got suspended and no replies to my
emails trying to clear this up.”

About > 250,000 people earn their primary or secondary income selling
on eBay, yet eBay continues to act irresponsibly and communistically
toward it’s customers. It’s only a matter of time before it happens to
you, before it affects your business and your livelihood.
eBay is too ingrained into our society to not
be held accountable for
their actions.

I could not handle it any longer. Too nerve wracking especially when they would hold hundreds of dollars for 21 days – no explanation. I am not suggesting anyone do what I did, which was pull my (Powerseller) store and bail out, but I would advise getting on http://www.powersellersunite.com and finding out what others are doing! Research other sites! This summer (with no job, so this hurt) I went from selling venue to venue. I have finally come home to Bonanzle and am in love with online selling again – but it is in its infancy and while growing fast, it will not support you immediately like ebay probably does. However…no listing fees! Fun! You can take checks and money order if you like – or GoogleCheckout, even! It is your business! Happy again at http://www.bonanzle.com


I second that Debbie…

Exactly why I closed my Ebay Store and left them flat a month ago after 8 years. They are all screwed up. The real Ebay is gone.

Just a note to the author – there is no longer “mutual feedback removal” and they have not yet implemented any means for buyers to remove negative comments. If sellers get negged for ebay’s mistake, it will stay there!

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