Perhaps Bonanzle is in our Near-Term Future After All

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Like most online sellers this time of year, I am BUSY and I am especially busy diversifying my offerings this particular year.  We sell in so many different categories and on so many different venues already.  As most of you following my blog already know, I am selling on Amazon for the first time this year and because one of the categories I sell in is Toys & Games I suspect I will have very little time for sleep this holiday season.  Every year we run our own version of “Santa’s Workshop” where no one sleeps or takes a day off from Halloween to Christmas.  That time of year is kind of a big blur for us.  The one thing I do remember from last year, though, is that we had plenty of coffee at all times to keep us motivated (unlike today when SOMEONE in the office let the coffee beans run out without notifying anyone).

Having said all of that….. we had decided not to list on Bonanzle this year because, well, frankly we just don’t have time!  There are lots of great things being said about Bonanzle by other folks and we think the site does have promise.  We just didn’t think we had the time to devote to another project right now.  However, we were most impressed by the recent blog post on the Bonanzle site: 

Google Base and Bonanzle: A Story of Star-Crossed Lovers with a Happy Ending Click HERE

I was so impressed with the Bonanzle article above and the Bonanzle blog overall that I committed to spend some time soon learning more about Bonanzle.  Perhaps selling on Bonanzle is in our near-term future after all!

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14 Responses to “Perhaps Bonanzle is in our Near-Term Future After All”

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🙂 Try it, you’ll love it!!!

You won’t believe how easy it is to list! You can even import your items from e-bay and Craigslist! Feedback too!

I must echo the others in saying Bonanzle is THE site to watch! Anyone who hasnt visited yet really needs to check this gem of a site out…has items you would not find anywhere on the web BUT at Bonanzle!

I found this site through an online Auction newsletter, after being a good sized seller on eBay. I read the article, thought about it for about a day, then started importing items from my now former site. I had so many questions, and so many people helped, it turned out to be the most friendly, user friendly site I have ever found.

Since moving to Bonanzle from ebay, my sales
include former ebay customers and new

The Bonanzle support staff is super! Requests
for help and suggestions for the site are
taken seriously and responded to in a timely

Perhaps best of all the site if fun!

Please let us know how you fare on Bonanzle, should you decide to try it out. I’m not as bowled over as a lot of the Bonanzle cheerleaders are, but the site is still very new, so I expect some growing pains. “Fun” is not a requirement for my online business, but a smooth functioning site that brings in the buyers is. I’ve back-burnered any plans to expand into that venue, but I might be persuaded to give it a whirl if it sounds like it might be worthwhile for this holiday season. Looking forward to your take on things.

I’ve been selling online for 8 years and by far Bonanzle is the most impressive site I have seen so far. Easy to list, easy to purchase, payment methods include money orders and personal checks, Google and PayPal. Contacting support gets an answer promptly. I’ve found my home on Bonanzle.

If you were to read through the forums on Bonanzle you would see members supporting members, you would feel the palpable pulse of positive energy within our group. This is the breath of fresh air that separates Bonanzle from other alternative sites. The grass roots tone set by founder Bill Harding has filtered to the member’s who have jumped on board to passionately support him and the growth of this emarketplace. Have no doubt that Bonanzle is going to soar!

I second CabinFever- Try it!

I moved my ebay stuff over in August and it was so easy. I’ve just been thrilled with Bonanzle ever since.

For buyers that don’t wish to go paperless but are still looking for the unique one of a kind item – Bonanzle is probably your best bet! Really like the sense of community between the sellers – refreshing!

Bonanzle is a great site, the instant chat with sellers is going to make it the best site.. everyone check it out. you will be glad you did..

I activated my listings on Bonanzle on the 14th and have had 2 sales since. Both were from people who signed up to purchase from me. I saved more than $3.00 than if I sold those items on eBay and used paypal instead of Google checkout. One of my customers even signed up to Google to purchase from me.

Interesting observation-

non-eBay generated traffic has a higher conversion rate than eBay generated traffic. They pay and they didn’t email me at all, which was interesting considering how new the site is.

For example in the same period of time I have had 39 sales on eBay – of those 5 have not paid (I’ll put money all of these are from eBay traffic) of the 39 eBay traffic accounts for 15. That is all 15 of the 39 and again I bet the 5 NPBs are from eBay traffic. So I have paid eBay 100+ (not including paypal) for 10 to 15 sells on Bonanzle that would cost me 10 to 15 dollars. 19 of my sales have come from typed bookmarks, and various search engines if sold on Bonanzle I would have paid 19 dollars- 19 dollars. For all 39 I would have paid bonanzle 39 dollars.

Is eBay of any value anymore? eBay is producing less than 50% of my sales and is costing me more than double in fees. Of course some of the eBay fees are for nothing due to NPBs costing me money. Add in the torturous nature of eBay anymore and it really begs the question – WTH am I paying for?

Bonanzle is growing at a phenomenal rate and I think this is the venue with the most potential. It is by far too simple to list on Bonanzle for any eBay seller to not list their items on Bonanzle. Import your listings & feedback and hit the on button for free. I suggest putting some effort into getting your name out there in the big world of the internet and start breaking away from the terror of eBay.

December 26th makes 3 since the 19th woo hoo- LOL

Bonanzle is the best eBay alternative out there…and I have looked for the past few months at different venues available.

If all eBay refugees opened “booth” over there maybe Bonanzle could begin to give eBay a run for the money sooner or later. This is what we want, right? eBay has not been very kind to it’s sellers for a long time and we owe it to our selves to move on.
What have we got to loose? Listing is free!

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