PayPal Email Notifications Have a New Look

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I woke up this morning to find that the PayPal email notifications for payment I received this morning have a completely different look.  At first I thought that the emails might be spoof so I logged in directly to my PayPal account to confirm the payments were in fact received and the emails were from PayPal.

I am rather upset at this new look.  Now, it’s not that I necessarily get upset by change but rather I get a bit peeved at change that I didn’t know was coming and especially when that change creates more work for me and is not an improvement in functionalilty.  A quick review about the new look:

1. PayPal never notified its users that a new look was coming.  Perhaps they don’t feel the need to keep us informed anymore, not that they really ever did before.

2. The email font is smaller and many parts of the email are a very light grey shade making it incredibly difficult to read.  Perhaps PayPal assumes I have Superman strength reading glasses and prefer a smaller almost unreadable font.

3. The email takes an incredibly long time to load.  I do see, however, that I can jump through some hoops to opt in for a text-only version.  There goes another waste of 5-minutes of my time today.

4. Much information is repeated and/or is unnecessary, thus probably making it necessary for PayPal to reduce the size of the font (see point #2) to accommodate the repeated information.  For example, the buyer’s email address appears no less than 4 times in the notification and my own email address appears twice.  And why do I need to know that the buyer has NOT sent a note?  The eBay logo is also surrounded by so much unused white space. 

5. The description line is no longer “clickable”.  Often times when I receive a payment email notification I click on the description line if I want to review the information such as the part number and/or look at the actual picture to confirm the item that I am to ship.  Now, I have to engage in 3 more steps to actually look at the auction details.  But, hey, PayPal is owned by eBay and so I am not surprised that this change was made since eBay is notorious for creating change that makes more work for sellers.

6. The payment notification says “Please do not reply to this email.  This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.”  Huh?  The email address of the payment notification is the buyer’s email address so why say the mailbox is not monitored?  I am guessing that PayPal will, in the future, be changing the FROM portion of the email address so the PayPal notification email no longer appears to come from the buyer but rather some unmonitored PayPal email address.  And, then, the buyer’s email address will only appear 3 times in the notification at that point. 

7. The previous email notification states “You have an instant payment of $xx.xx” but the new notification states “You received a payment of $xx.xx”.  I am sure there is some legal reason that PayPal removed the word “instant” which surely involves us receiving less protection of some kind in the future.  I expect that decreased protection change will also be made with PayPal informing us in the same manner as this new email look – no notice until the change is actually implemented. 

At least I can see one positive aspect of the changes eBay and PayPal are making.  They must be keeping  lots of people employed to think up the plethora of unnecessary changes, to implement them poorly, and then to meet afterward with diamond eBay sellers to gather input about how to correct the poorly implemented unnecessary changes.  To that, I say thank you eBay and PayPal for doing your part to slow down the rise in our nation’s unemployment rate.

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13 Responses to “PayPal Email Notifications Have a New Look”

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Glad you wrote about this. I thought I was the only one. 🙂 I agree, all of the duplication is very unneccessary. I signed up for paypal Web Payments last week, and I thought the change was influenced by that.

I agree… and I too am not surprised. I swear, eBay and PayPal must have an actual Office of Seller Unsuitability. There is no way they could consistently make changes that so negatively impact my selling without someone in charge of making it happen.

But, back to the e-mail. Mine now are NOT giving me the customer’s e-mail address. My customers address is now listed as

In fact, what I get is “You received a payment of $30.94 USD from” Then under the customers name, is, again,

THAT is certainly a helpful change PayPal.

I assume it is another part of the effort to separate sellers from buyers. Frankly I am shocked they let us have the customer’s mailing address… they are surely working on a way to keep that from us too.

Point number 8 for your list:

Myself and many others use filters to route and label various emails. PayPal continuously changes the subject line of their emails thus forcing me to spend my time adjusting my filters. Again, and again, and again.

Let me add – I orint and use my paypal emails to file & record my local sales (I have to pay sales tax on sales in my state) – the new email lumps the entire payment – sales tax and shipping are no longer seperated.

As for the slow loading – I wonder if it is a gmail issue but whatever awesome images are suppose to be showing on the right side of the email are cut in half.

The new email format doesn’t give me the buyer’s name. I go by that more than by the email address.

Thank you for bringing this up. I am now late in sending out shipments as Eudora decided this new look is “junk mail”. I kept wondering why I had no new orders. Well, because Paypal changed and didn’t tell us! Sheesh Louishe!
Count me ticked!

First I’d like to say that there are several things about the new format that I like.

1. I like the “Buyer” section that includes the buyer’s name, eBay ID and e-mail address. It’s nice to have all that information in one place for easy reference. The previous version didn’t contain the buyer’s eBay ID and the e-mail address was in a different section. The fact that the e-mail address is not a clickable link doesn’t matter to me as long as hitting the “Reply” button in my e-mail application still sends the e-mail to the buyer.
2. I like that the “Note to Seller” section has a prominent place. Hopefully more sellers will now pay attention to notes added to payments. The “Note to Seller” section was previously buried at the end of the e-mail.

There are also several things that I do not like about the new e-mail format.
1. I think that the new reduced font size is too small. Why reduce the font size to make it harder to read? It seems very counterproductive to me.
2. Changing much of the text color from black to light gray also makes the e-mail harder to read. Again, this change seems counter productive and unwarranted.
3. The “Description” section no longer has a clickable link back to the original eBay listing page. Many times I use this link to review my original listing before packing and shipping a purchase. Now I have to go through multiple steps to get back to the listing page.

Why didn’t PayPal give us a heads up about the changes before implementing them? Why didn’t PayPal explain why the changes were made? Both PayPal and eBay could head-off a lot off bad feelings and ill will by simply communicating changes with their customers before they take effect and explaining the rationale behind them.

I agree completely! I keep writing in about these spoof emails and I get form letter responses and now no responses! After about the 4th order I realized something must have changed. It would have been nice to know in advance. I am sure it would have saved PayPal the trouble, too.

The changes caught me by surprise as well.

Personally, I HATE the changes. As the article so aptly points out, there are NO benefits to us sellers. In fact it makes things more difficult.

We may think they are stupid when they make all these changes and tweaks which seem unnecessary, but Ebay and Paypal aren’t stupid. They are just plain GREEDY.

Mark my words, these changes are working towards something which is going to make life for sellers more impossible.

“You received a payment of $xx.xx”. “You may now ship the item.”

Sellers will all end up as dropshippers for Ebay, while they squeeze everything from us and take none of the responsibility or risks.

More evidence of eBay/ Paypal minimizing, or perhaps a better word would be co-opting the role of the seller in their business plan.

Unfortunately, it makes this statement from Dinesh Lathi on eBay Ink make sense:

‘We will have more of these meetings throughout the year. As we have millions of sellers, it is not possible for us to meet with everyone, but it is possible for us to meet with many sellers who represent a good bulk of our inventory, and we think this approach makes the most sense. In order to be successful, the meetings must be small and candid.’

The new emails suck! What’s worse, I get two types of emails now. The new kind has a subject line of “Payment received from” and the other has the old subject line of “Notification of payment received.” I’m assuming that the payments from are payments made through website payments pro, while the others are from standard PayPal payments. Why can’t they just have the same subject line and the same info? Really, it’s a pain not having the buyer’s email address in the ‘new’ email format.

While I’m ranting, I have to relay my disdain for the fact that in January PayPal kindly upgraded our account WITHOUT NOTICE! Now, when I log in I’m redirected to

I thought I was going to a spoofed site since you would think any responsible company would advise their clients of a significant change such as this. Soon after the change I noticed a serious security issue. I attempted to bring this to PayPal’s attention but got the “it’s not on our end, but yours. Clear your cookies and cache…blah, blah, blah.” I advised them that I can duplicate the security flaw in multiple browsers so it’s not on my end. Finally, I got to the right department and they said they’d get to it as soon as possible. Now, more than one month later the security flaw still exists. Frightening. Maybe if I go public with it they’ll get off their behinds and fix it.

Oh yeah, one other problem with the PayPalManager site: I can’t access my PayPal buyer credit account. It’s nice to get a notice from PayPal Buyer Credit saying all I have to do is log into my PayPal account to make a payment. Uh, not anymore folks. The link to PayPal Buyer Credit is GONE! Of course, I brought this to PayPal’s attention and to GE Money’s attention but it hasn’t been fixed yet. Surprised? No. How friggin’ clueless are the clowns that work at PayPal, really?

Glad I found this. My issue is not being able to the buyers name. I have to log into paypal to retrieve this information and determine by 16 numeral receipt number who that payment came from, Much more work on my part. But my college across the room from me, nothing has changed in her Paypal account – go figure? Is it just a matter of time. How can we get Paypal to correct this?

[…]  NOTE: If you are not aware of what changed about the PayPal email notification you can read my blog post titled “PayPal Email Notifications Have a New Look” by clicking HERE […]

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