New DSR Reports in the eBay Seller Dashboard: Deal or Dud?

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 eBay recently announced there are New DSR Reports in the Seller Dashboard . 

An eBay seller can access their reports by visiting their Seller Dashboard and clicking on the link that says “See your reports” as shown below:


then clicking on “Create Report” as shown below:


and finally choosing from Buyer Location, Category, Date range, Item numbers, or Shipping as shown below: 


I ran some reports earlier today and below are some of my observations and opinions.

1. When I run a report by category and check the box for each and every category listed and compare those aggregate DSRs to my DSRs for “all categories” for the same time period, there is a slight difference.  I would not have expected there to be a difference.  I am guessing that the difference might be because not all categories were available for me to check yet I am not sure why some categories would be deselected by eBay other than perhaps eBay only showed those categories for which I had received 10 or more DSR ratings.  The reason for the discrepancy is not explainable with the limited information that I have.

2.  The 30-day DSR measurement (the one measurement used for all the eBay carrots and sticks) is not verifiable as one would have expected it to be with the date range capability.  And eBay specifically states on their   Seller Dashboard FAQ page  the following:

Important: You cannot use date range reports to validate the 30-day detailed seller ratings that appear in your Seller Dashboard.

3. It is absolutely positively definitely without-a-doubt possible to now determine the DSR rating(s) left for an individual feedback.  Anyone who has even the most basic understanding of statistics can figure out how to run a report to determine what DSR ratings a particular buyer left.  Perhaps that is why eBay now includes as part of the feedback manipulation policy the following: 

Taking any actions, including the use of tools, to determine the Detailed Seller Ratings a buyer left for a specific transaction may also be considered Feedback Manipulation. DSRs are meant to be anonymous.

and eBay has added a new policy making it against the rules for sellers to question buyers about the ratings they left.



4. I was curious to see if there was a difference in DSRs left by other sellers vs nonsellers and after checking a small sample I learned that my buyers who were also eBay sellers either left me no DSR ratings (despite leaving a positive feedback rating) or they left me all 4’s (despite leaving glowing feedback).  Not one fellow seller left me a 5 in any category.  I sell to some of my competition, because of my very low prices on the items I am liquidating, and it is obvious that they purposely leave no or low DSR ratings.

5. The DSR reports provided a little “entertainment” for me today but I have no need for them.  Perhaps months ago the “information” would have been useful but months ago I already guessed at what was affecting my DSR ratings.  I stopped selling some items internationally and discontinued selling some heavier items altogether that I knew were probably dragging down my DSRs and I began immediately blocking anyone who inquired about a possible product discount or shipping discount (as I believed they were more likely to leave lower DSR ratings since they would probably never be happy with the shipping cost no matter what) and as a result my DSRs went up. 

And, quite frankly, I don’t care anymore.  I have my seller dashboard hidden from my eBay Selling Manager Page and I never review my Dashboard.  It is irrelevant to me and before today I could not tell you the last time I viewed my Dashboard. 

I am not going to offer free shipping or change my policies or change my customer service based on my seller dashboard.  Therefore, there is no reason to monitor the DSRs there either in the aggregate or in greater detail as is now available.  The DSRs measure subjective opinions and, honestly, the only opinion I am interested in from my buyer is whether they will come back and buy from me again.  I could care less what kind of perceived “number” a buyer assigns to me in secret; the real truth I care about is …. Will they buy from me again?  I don’t need the enhanced DSR reporting tools to answer that question for me.

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13 Responses to “New DSR Reports in the eBay Seller Dashboard: Deal or Dud?”

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Totally agree, I can’t even remember the last time I even looked at my feedback , seller dash etc etc just pointless
We run multi accounts and when sales drop on one then we just push listings onto other accounts & to be truthful most of our sales are now off ebay anyway

eBay are no longer the prime on-line sales venue , at least not for us

Re: And, quite frankly, I don’t care anymore.

My feelings exactly. I have been fortunate to be at the 20% discount rate since it’s inception. I only look at the dashboard once in a while to compare my 30 day vs 12 month numbers to see how they are trending.

The new reporting is interesting (I actually have higher ratings from my international customers) but I’m not sure how useful.

And, I have absolutly NO plans to be forced into free S&H as raising prices to cover the profit loss would be counter-productive.

I ran a DSR report, and it told me it could take up to 24 hours to complete. So after the first 5 minutes, I went on to something else. Then around an hour later, I received a phishing scam email telling me that my ebay account was ‘updated’.

I bring this up because I fear the timing of fraud arriving into inboxes concurrently with reports being prepared, will lead a segment of unsuspecting sellers to fall for the ‘log in here’ trick when otherwise they would have been more cautious than that.

About all one can do in Ebay’s insane environment is to do the best they can and stop worrying about silly DSR’s. Ebay gave the buyers the power to chop you off at the knees and that’s my number one worry. I please the buyer and hope for the best. I wonder if Ebay knows or cares about how much business it has lost thru these manipulative, counter-productive measures?

We have found one use for eBay’s DSRs, other than providing a classroom lessons in “How to Lie With Statistics.”

When “Search standing” goes to Standard or Lowered, sales and ASQs go up. An amusing demonstration of how much “Best Match” (code monkeys) and eBay policies (management) are out of sync.

>I don’t care anymore

Otherwise we concur.

“Ah arrogance and stupidity all in the same package. How efficient of you!”
Ambassador Londo Mollari, Babylon 5

I recall reading the “ask Griff” thread in SC – (it feels like a year has gone by since I last visited the boards on eBay)Anyway, he was boasting about the new features that are going to fix the infinite – it seems – problems between eBay & its customers. I knew the hype was empty and it appears eBay has actually (you wouldn’t think this possible) enhanced its abusive strategy. Now you can’t communicate with your customer about what you could have done to provide a better experience. Can you block those having the audacity to leave a 4 rating or will eBay consider such self-preserving actions as a violation?

I am so relieved and quieted since closing my store. Funny though in expected form, eBay sent me an email concerning my unsubscribing to stores. It wasn’t an invite or inquiry of why and what they could do to change my mind – you know like other service providers do. It was in the same threatening tone that saturates all communication from ebay – Last chance to resubscribe – if you aren’t subscribed you will not have …… The tone of eBay’s language really tells the story. Again, what surreal relief to have walked away from that nightmare.

I am so happy now!!

“It is absolutely positively definitely without-a-doubt possible to now determine the DSR rating(s) left for an individual feedback.”

I may be a little dense here, but I don’t understand how you can do that unless you can isolate a set of DSRs with, and one without, an individual’s input. If you only get one input in a single day, you can use the date range to do it. But how would you do it if you get several?

Nadine, you said “unless you can isolate a set of DSRs with, and one without, an individual’s input” which is exactly what you can do by running a report. Remember that you can run the reports by Buyer Location, Category, Date range, **>>ITEM NUMBERS<<**, or Shipping.

If you can’t quite figure it out, let me know and I’ll send you an email.

Hi Brews,

I missed the part where you could input a set of item numbers into the report; I thought it was only by date range and foreign/domestic.

Gotcha – I’m not that slow. Just find a set of 10 items with all 5 star DSRs, then you’re golden thereafter.

Since eBay obviously did not want sellers to be able to discern individual DSR scores, one wonders that they put this ability into the report system. Are they really that stupid, or do they think that WE are that stupid?

Nadine, I long ago stopped trying to “figure out” what eBay must be thinking when creating some of their policies and tools. I feel like Dr. Spock when I think about eBay because I keep repeating in my head “illogical, illogical, illogical” because I cannot seem to make sense of what they are doing or what they must be thinking.

There is an automatic feedback program out there that lets you see who’s left feedback and it automatically leaves it in return. In turn it also shows the percentages of the DSR stars after each comment is left and will let you know if it goes up or down and in which area it changed in (shipping time, shipping price, etc). What I don’t get is why is there a DSR star for s/h price when the buyer fully knew upfront what it was before bidding, then they can complain about it later. They agree to it, so there shouldn’t be anything less than a 5 in that category for everyone.

any idea what that program is? “automatic feedback program out there that lets you see who’s left feedback and it automatically leaves it in return”

Pardon me. Does somebody understand how to choose honest EA from fake and a true trading signal from fraudulent? big thanks

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