Little Known eBay Policies: Not Everything is for Sale on eBay

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I’m sure that the public thinks “everything is for sale on eBay”, especially given some outrageous headlines in the past and Jay Leno’s late night discussions of what weird items are offered for sale on eBay.

But even eBay has rules that prohibit certain items from being listed.


Prohibited food items include expired military MREs (meals ready-to-eat), unless the MRE is considered a collectible item and is not intended for consumption (and the listing states the MRE is not intended for consumption).  All food items must be delivered to buyers prior to a clearly marked expiration or “use by” date.

I guess when eBay announced they wanted to be Winners in the Secondary market by getting all those old  unsold items sitting in warehouses listed on eBay for sale, they at least had enough foresight to prevent expired foodstuff from being listed.  Losing existing buyers to food poisoning would not be good; eBay really cannot afford to lose anymore buyers from the site.   

Sellers aren’t allowed to list used cosmetics or personal items on eBay.  So, if you don’t like that new bubble bath you bought to enjoy (now that you have time to soak in the tub since your sales on eBay have dried up) then you’ll have to throw it away rather than list it on eBay.

Sellers may not list medical devices on eBay that require government authorization for distribution to third parties unless they take all the steps outlined below to ensure that purchases are made only by medical professionals authorized by law to purchase such items. 

Examples of Medical Devices that are not permitted on eBay:

  • Contact lenses  

  • Prescription eyewear (vintage eyeglasses sold for collectible purposes are permitted)  

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) units and their accessories that require a prescription   

  • Oxygen concentrators, oxygen compressors, oxygen conservers and their accessories that require a prescription

  • Defibrillators that are not approved for over-the-counter sale  

  • Implantable devices, such as pacemakers, heart valves, vascular grafts, ventricular bypass devices, and implantable infusion pumps.

The good news for eBay sellers is that a defibrillator was not needed after this recent round of eBay April 2009 announcements unlike the 2008 announcements which shocked and awed so many sellers that professional medical attention (both physical and psychological) was required on a regular basis.

Listings not offering an item or service for sale are not permitted on eBay.  These types of listings include but are not limited to:

  • Listings where the buyer cannot verify the existence of the item upon receipt of the item

  • Listings with the apparent, primary purpose of expressing the seller’s personal views

  • Signposts – listings primarily meant to direct a user to a seller’s store or other listings

 Examples of listings that do not offer an item or service include:

 “Government should not tax gasoline” would be a violation if it appears the primary purpose of the listing is to express a personal view.

“Air in a jar from San Jose” is considered a violation since the item cannot easily be verified by the buyer.

Even if it were not prohibited, I think I would have to pass on buying the “air in a jar from San Jose”.  The decisions made by eBay executives in San Jose have convinced me that there must be something in the air there that prevents the oxygen from reaching the brain.  So, no thanks, I’ll pass on the San Jose air.

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5 Responses to “Little Known eBay Policies: Not Everything is for Sale on eBay”

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Apparently, used personal items are ok if it’s Scarlett Johansann’s snot rag! Mere mortals snot rags need not apply! And some lady who tried to sell her Madoff memorabilia got it pulled, but now his baseball tickets are for sale. It’s like “Animal Farm”. All sellers are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

Ebay is sinking behing Amazon. . and eBay continues to slide another 5% in page views; due to dumb mgt at ebay . . and poor treatment to bad of its sellers; as sellers continue to Leave!!!

Ebay treats sellers terribly like second class citizens with no comment available to the seller???

But Ebay for the past 10 years allowed the listing of millions of bootlegs and counterfeit items, scored BILLIONS in dirty money and still use that dirty money as an investment to gain honest money. Their excuse “we can’t police the system”. LIE.

Meg Whitman is a Billionaire from dirty bootlegged money and she needs to be arrested and sent to North Korean. Same with John Donahue.

Great example? The Scarface DVD back in 2002. There were 5 listings for actual DVDs, 100 listings from China and other areas of BOOTLEGS! Week after week, year after year. Multiply that for ALL DVDs and we’re talking non-transparent dirty money, which Ebay removed the listings months after they were sold as a regular auction. None of it taxed.

EBAY NEEDS TO BE SHUTDOWN! IT’S AN ILLEGAL MONEY LAUNDERING SYSTEM OF SERIOUS DIRTY MONEY!! Why else is there a global recession is nearly all internet organizations do the same thing.

Ebay is a PIMP. Honest sellers are treated like PROSTITUTES and buyers, who in ebay’s eyes can do no wrong, as evidenced by the fact that they can only receive POSITIVE feedback comments, are the johns.

Ebay abuses it’s sellers. Ebay coddles it’s buyers and will not even CONSIDER that there COULD be instances in which a seller is RIGHT and a buyer is WRONG. Ebay believes that MY buyers are their customer. WHO PAYS EBAY FEES???? ME! So, *I* am Ebay’s customer. My buyer is NOT ebay’s customer. See? Just like prostitution.

I’m going to take a shower now….even talking about ebay makes me feel dirty.

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