It Really Is Possible to Sell Successfully on Bonanzle!

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Recently, I put out a request to hear from sellers who were learning how to be successful on eBay alternative sites.  All of the responses I received had similiar comments — that selling online successfully is hard work but it can be done.   It is very motivating to be introduced to these hard-working successful entrepreneurs who have managed to move on and establish a great business elsewhere.  When you get to personally know people who have taken advantage of the opportunity to transition off eBay either in part or in whole, you realize there is hope and great possibilities for you as well.  Over the coming weeks, I will introduce you to many different sellers. 

The first online seller I would like to introduce you to is Kim who sells on Bonanzle as KimsKorner.  Kim has had impressive success on Bonanzle with more than 220 completed Bonanzle transactions to date. 

The following article was written by Bonanzle booth owner KimsKorner.   

You can click HERE to visit Kim’s Bonanzle store.  One note of interest is that Kim has an Upcoming Bonanza scheduled for 4 pm on May 31st. 


We are a struggling family out of work.  We have been selling online for over 10 years now.  We used to sell online for extra income but now it is how we support ourselves.  I was on eBay trying to survive and it was getting more and more difficult.  Friends had told me to check out this new site called Bonanzle.  I kept putting it off assuming it was just another site that I would put a bunch of time into and wind up with nothing in return.

Then On Halloween night I was speaking with a close friend via instant messenger and she mentioned Bonanzle.  She was a member but not a seller.  She mentioned however that she really thought Bonanzle was going to take off.  I finally decided to come check it out.  I signed up right away and jumped right in. Within a couple of weeks I started making sales.  The feel of Bonanzle had me very excited.  The community on Bonanzle was amazing and so much different than anything I had been used to.  Bill and Mark were quick to answer questions and get involved in forum threads.  All of this was such a breath of fresh air to me.

I continued to join in forum games, learn new ways to promote and get my items seen higher in Google searches.  The more I have learned and participated the more I have sold.  To date I have sold 222 items in my main booth.  My booth views are averaging now around 400-550 a day.  I have had a HUGE increase in traffic since adding attributes to my items.  I still do not have attributes on each item I have listed, but the ones with attributes do get the highest view counts.  Newly listed items I have been putting attributes in right away and some have sold within less than 48 hours of being listed.

The items I have sold on Bonanzle have a wide range.  I have sold books, costume jewelry, clothing, health & beauty items, knick knacks and more.  I have found higher priced collectibles are not selling well right now anywhere, but if you can offer a really good deal on items things are moving.

In short in order to be successful selling I have learned I have to put the work in.  You cannot set up a booth or a storefront anywhere online and just sit back and expect sales to come pouring in.  It takes a lot of hard work.  You have to constantly add to your inventory.  You have to find new places to promote all of the time.  Uploading your items to Google base and adding attributes to your items are the two most important things you must do in order to see good results.  Be sure to take advantage of all the space given to you in titles, and give good descriptions of your items as well.  Things are slow right now, but there are sales to be made.  You just have to get yourself in the right position to make them.

On a final note, the friend who talked me into checking out Bonanzle Halloween night had never sold online before and was not selling on Bonanzle at that time.  The same week she got me started she began selling on Bonanzle as well.  She sells a little of this and that but mainly homemade organic doggy treats (she trained me and I sell kitty treats in my booth along with my other items).  She is  shesmrswright  of Bonanzle Waggin Tails and Wet Noses.  She has also had well over 200 sales on Bonanzle to date and been able to expand her doggy treat business from just local to now all of the US and international as well.  She has stated to me on several occasions how she had tried to figure out eBay before but it was just too much for her.  Bonanzle she felt was simple, friendly and easy for her to start selling online and she loves it now and I am so thankful to her for helping me find my way to Bonanzle.  It has been a big part of how we have managed to keep going in these hard times while being out of work.


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8 Responses to “It Really Is Possible to Sell Successfully on Bonanzle!”

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I just saw this and would like to add something. 1st off I am a Bonanzle seller with multiple booths on Bonanzle and I love the site . I have been doing very well since coming to Bonanzle and leaving ebay back in Nov of 2008.
Kim (kimsKorner) has bought from me and I have also purchased many items from her. She is a wonderful buyer & seller and a huge asset to the Bonanzle family. When she talks in her post above about hard work, yes it is ! Kim is one of the hardest workers I know! As a side not I do also know shesmrswright and have bought from her a couple of times. Now that I have a new puppy I will become a regular at her booth as well as Kim’s.
Great Job Kim and keep up the good work! 🙂

This is truly inspiring,

Just an ordinary woman who has stepped up to the challenge instead of sitting on her duff and whining. She is a heroine and a shining example, one small step at a time and then another.

Kim is a breath of fresh air throughout the Bonanzle Community. She is tireless it seems. Always at the ready to lend a helping hand – never whinging about her challenges. Instead she goes to work on her listings – some nights listing through the night – and promoting her booth on and off Bonanzle.

I’m a member of the Bonanzle Community as a seller myself and met Kim not too long after she started her first Kim’s Corner Booth, she is every buyer’s dream seller. Bonanzle is everything that Kim spoke of, giving the sellers a buyer friendly site along with the tools necessary and simple to implement. Sales are excellent for the sellers who use them all to the best advantage. Kim is living proof that a Bonanzle seller can be not only successful but enjoy the fun the Bonanzle Community enjoys.

Congratulations Kim Great Job!


Very inspiring story & proof that hard work pays off!

Kim definitely demonstrates that there is success to be achieved off eBay.

Something all sellers leaving eBay need to know and be prepared to work for what you want, because there is no such thing as free shipping or a free ride. On alternative site we pay with our time on eBay you pay with your time (all the freaking revisions, errors, general annoyance) and your dollar (a lot of dollars too).

Thank you Kim for sharing your Bonanzle story & thank you Brews for posting her story on your Blog.

It is funny how things work out. In the last few weeks I have gotten discouraged due to a problem with bank lost A LOT of money – shipping money, my internet bill money etc. Then followed by some health problems. Had gotten way behind on shipping and listing etc. And it all left me feeling disappointed in myself even though situations were beyond my control.

Someone messaged me letting me know this article had been published and thanking me basically for inspiration, and it is funny because I in a way just re inspired myself and feel very good again. Still in pain but have some medication for that for now lol. Still money problems from what happened with bank but you know what I can fix that. Still getting shipping caught up, but I know I can fix that too in the course of the next few days. Still have so much to list and going to get to work on that in just a few minutes.

Updates too since I submitted this article and it was not that long ago, less than a month by far I now have sold 331 items on Bonanzle in my main booth KimsKorner. I am not making a HUGE amount of money, but I am building on a new site and don’t expect especially in this economy to be raking in big bucks. I am doing good though.

I can assure everyone that negativity whether publicly shown or only felt inside will hurt your effort. I know this personally beyond a shadow of a doubt. Keep a positive outlook no matter what. Its a rough economy, it IS rough times but no matter what tell yourself you can do it – and more importantly BELIEVE in yourself! Make yourself do it. List, promote. Promote everywhere. Some places might only bring you in a few people but it is one more place your link is out there and one of those few people might be the one who is looking for that item that has been sitting since you set up shop. Don’t count anything out. Each day do something to promote whether online or off. The more the better BUT do something each day. Even if you only take 15 minutes a day to do it.

And never never give up! And stay positive. And anyone who ever wants to drop me a message on Bonanzle please do. I will help with anything I can. I will be a shoulder to lean on. I will be the ear when you just want to scream lol. I love meeting new people and helping others.I also love making new friends. So drop me a line whenever.

You’re a class act, Kim.

I’m new to Bonanzle and am trying to transfer from eBay but slowly. I only have a few things listed now on Bonanzle, mostly designer clothes and accessories. It’s probably too early to tell because nothing has sold yet, but I understand that the more expose I get the better off I’d be. I’m glad to hear you can succeed at Bonanzle and am curios if getting exposures are free. Still working on it. Good luck everyone.

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