eBay Offers Free Pictures to Premium & Anchor Store Owners…. Maybe

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On May 29th I received my eBay PowerUp Seller Newsletter which stated, among other things:   

“Pictures are now FREE for all your listings if you have a Premium or Anchor eBay Store subscription.  Go ahead–add tons of photos to your listings.”



So, today (June 1st) I relisted an eBay item and included a second picture and since I have a Premium store subscription I expected that I would not be charged.  However, I was in fact charged a “picture fee”. 

I went back and re-read the email to make sure that I had not missed some important information such as the special offer was going to start sometime in the future.  Nope.  The email says that pictures are NOW free.  And the item I was listing was on eBay.com not eBay Motors so my item qualified for free pictures.  So I picked up the phone and called eBay.

It has been awhile since I have phoned eBay so I was unprepared for what came next.  I was on hold listening to some nice, quiet soothing music when the 2-minute mark came up and all of a sudden I hear someone screaming at me.  I dropped the phone and when I picked it back up I realized that it was an “eBay commercial” about something or another.  It sounded like Griff but I can’t be sure and I certainly couldn’t hear what he was saying because it was so loud.  It reminded me of television commercials and how they are always much louder than regular programming but the eBay commercial went above and beyond that level.

The calming music came back on again and I was still laughing when the eBay representative came on the line to speak with me.  He was very polite but he had not heard about this new special offer.  He read the email, though, and confirmed that my item qualified for the free pictures.  He did try to resolve the issue but could not do so because he was still waiting for more information from eBay stores about why I was being billed for the picture despite having a Premium store which qualified me for free pictures.  After 20 minutes of wait time, he apologized and told me that he would call me when he was able to get it sorted out.

While I think it is a great idea to give eBay Premium and Anchor store owners free pictures in all categories on eBay.com, it seems that someone at eBay forgot to send the memo out to employees about this wonderful idea.  The really sad thing is that even when eBay does come up with a rare good idea, they fail to implement it well if ever at all.

UPDATE: 3 days later and no phone call from eBay so I phoned back in.  I was told that the problem I am experiencing is a known issue and that everyone with a Premium or Anchor store should be receiving free pictures but that some stores, including mine, were still erroneously being billed for the pictures.  Further, I was told that when eBay is able to correct the problem for the affected stores that they will also retroactively “unbill” me for the picture fees that I should not have been billed for in the first place.

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7 Responses to “eBay Offers Free Pictures to Premium & Anchor Store Owners…. Maybe”

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Wouldn’t hosting photos on a seller’s own website be easier and more cost effective?

And leaving 1st generation photos on eBay, gives them unlimited use rights (eBay UA) to that photo. Whereas website hosting leaves eBay with their grainy compressed version of the original photo.

My friend Cliff has a website dedicated to his image hosting, he says that way he will never have to move his images, which makes a lot of sense.
I have used Photobucket for years and happily pay the nominal annual fee for usage over the very generous free account limits.
Either way I would not use or pay eBay to use their hosting. Not a cost effective solution in the past and no guarantees it would be so in future. What am I saying? Silly girl! I don’t use eBay at all any more.

I am not a powerseller, but had to call eBay today also and was given the “we will call you back” message. My guess is it is the new way to get people off the phone & you will NEVER get a return call.

Also is it just me or has the Live Chat option disappeared from eBay’s home page????

Thanks for sharing this info! Looking forward to hearing about the outcome. Do hope your bill will be fixed.
All the best, Danna

It has been a little over three weeks since you posted and I wondered if you had been unbilled, received your free pictures or even gotten a return call.

I miss you Brews!

Hope all is well, and keep up the fight

Thanks! I’m back now and I have lots of articles to be posted. Henrietta – no phone call but new listings are receiving the free pics.

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