Dead Mail Sent to Recovery Center

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I have shipped packages to customers for more than 10 years and for the first time ever, I recently suffered from the “Dead Mail Syndrome”.  I’ve talked to other sellers whose packages are also suffering the same fate this week.  So I thought I would blog about it since it could possibly be a widespread problem.

Recently I shipped an Amazon order with signature required.   Of course there was a packing slip inside the package and we use self-adhesive shipping labels and put a small strip of tape across the top and bottom (just on the white edges of the label) for packages with signature confirmation.  We always secure the label well, especially in the summer month.

According to the USPS delivery scans, the package arrived in Pennyslvania in a timely manner.  It even went through the post office in the very small town where the recipient lived.  But then the package was immediately sent back without any explanation.  Normally, if an address is invalid or if the recipient refuses the package the scan would indicate those things.  No clue as to why the package was returned.  But then it gets even stranger.  The package passed through the main sort center in my local area and then was sent to the Dead Mail Recovery Center. 

I spoke with the post office who couldn’t provide any additional details to me.  What they did say was that most mail “died” because the label came off and there was nothing inside the package to tell the post office where to deliver the package.  Hmmm…. certainly doesn’t sound like that applies to my package.

Now, ultimately my package will probably come back to me or will be delivered to the recipient.  But, of course, I wouldn’t ask the customer to wait for that to occur.  I shipped them a replacement the very same day the package “died” and I’ll have to work with the post office to resolve the issue.



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7 Responses to “Dead Mail Sent to Recovery Center”

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brews, the second package may be returned also. My experience with unexplained returns in very small towns is that there is something flaky with the local postmaster.

Good luck. Please, let us know how it works out.

I hope you get your package back… but… I have had two packages disappear in Pennsylvania and neither have been found. The only two packages out of 10,000 to go to Dead Mail/Recovery Center. I believe they were rifled.

I filled out reports and called. The USPS decided it indeed looked odd and opened an investigation. And that is where it stopped. They won’t even talk to me about the investigation. It has been one year.

yes that just happend to me just now I order a item on ebay and was given a tracking number and some how that packing WITH a tracking nub is in dead office.
come on.. look up the barcode and forward it to me

the very same thing happened to me just recently (May 2010). I was on the other side of a chain though – I was a buyer.
I’ve been purchasing some items for my own use from one Chinese seller for years now. He is absolutely reliable and honest and he shipped many packages to me – always promptly and without any problems. Just the last one didn’t arrive in time. After a random checking of a tracking number I discovered it came to Chicago indeed – but to the main sorting center and then they sent it to St. Paul, MN. The last thing the tracking says is : On its way to destination. That was 10 days ago. So yesterday I finally went to my local Post Office to ask, what the heck is happening. They said it went to the Dead Mail and there’s NO WAY to retrieve it. I asked at least 5 times about ANY procedure. They said there’s NONE. Now I was reading up on the internet about a possibility of filing a claim. If the package obviously has a tracking number and there’s somebody, who knows about the whereabouts and is the recipient, WHAT are they doing keeping the packages like that??? Why was I told there’s nothing I can do, when there actually IS??
I saw the picture of the actual package, since my seller always takes one before shipping from China. The label was absolutely fine. I was told there was no recipient and no sender…why did they lie to me???
Right now I’m very upset and I’m going to investigate the situation. I’m not very keen of the idea of them opening my package and keeping or auctioning the items I paid for.
Makes me think and wonder how safe are our packages and property in hands of the USPS. They can basically take any package saying the label was not ok even though it was.

I hate the USPS!…have the same problem and they are telling me to send a letter….yes send a letter explaining my situation….it’s 2011 and I do have to send a letter because the problem can’t be solved by phone….incredible…who keeps all these “Dead Mail” anyway?

They sell the “lost” items at auctions. They even are selling them on Ebay now:

I know this is an old post, but the situation still doesn’t seem any better

It looks like they have not sold anything on eBay since 2002. I almost wish they would – my items would likely resurface in my auto searches and at least I could get the items back.

I think the USPS does a great job, 99.9% of the time – until something happens. Then you might as well forget about it. A that point, no one will talk to you, no one will return calls, no one is responsible for anything.

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