PayPal Gives an eBay Seller Heads Up

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I logged into my PayPal account and clicked on the “Request Money” tab and as soon as I clicked on the tab I noticed a blue informational box on the right side of the screen.

The box is titled “eBay Seller Heads Up”  and includes the following:

“In October, the “eBay items” option will go away.  Requesting money will still be easy — just use an eBay invoice.”

Then at the bottom right is a golden arrow pointing to the words “Try It Now” which is a clickable link taking you to eBay.




I decided to check out what an eBay buyer would see if they attempted to make a payment for an eBay item and whether or not they would see a message stating that they couldn’t make a payment for an eBay item directly through PayPal.

When a PayPal user pulls up the Send Money tab it defaults to the “Send Money Online” screen.  If a user then clicks on “eBay items” to make a payment the user sees the following message:

“PayPal recommends that you use eBay checkout to pay for these items”.    A golden arrow points to the words “Check0ut on eBay” which, when clicked, takes you to the eBay site.


Under the “Send Money” tab there is a choice to “Pay for eBay items” and when I click on that option I receive an error message telling me that PayPal did not find any eBay items requiring payment at this time.




I looked through the PayPal updates and saw nothing relating to the October change.  I read through the PayPal Blog and while it is interesting to learn “MySpace Japan & PayPal Make it Easier to Buy the Latest Japanese Music”, there is no information about the October change on the blog.  So I called PayPal to get some clarification about what was going to occur next month since the informational box on the PayPal website states that the change will occur next month. 

Beginning October, sellers cannot send a money request for eBay items.  That is what the informational box says.  However, the PayPal representative could not find any details about this occuring next month.  She read all the updates and emails that PayPal representatives receive informing them of changes.  She put me on hold and spoke with other PayPal representative and she spoke with her supervisor.  None were even aware of the informational box.  And, further, she tells me that when she logs into PayPal and clicks on the “Request Money” tab that she doesn’t see the informational box to the right. 

So, I am assuming the informational box appears to those PayPal users who are eBay sellers who have their PayPal account linked to their eBay account.  That would account for the fact that I can see the informational box while the PayPal representative cannot.  I have my suspicions as to why PayPal / eBay are making these changes but since there is no public notice that has been put out and PayPal reps don’t have any information, I just have my own speculations at this time.  The PayPal representative did suggest that I call eBay but she also agreed with me when I said that eBay’s response to me would be that I needed to call PayPal since the information is on the PayPal website.  It’s a common response from both eBay and Paypal.  They do always strongly reiterate to me that eBay and PayPal are separate companies.  I understand that.  It doesn’t help me to get any answers, though. 

So, for now, some PayPal users may see the informational box when clicking on the “Request Money” tab and some users may not see that box.  And none of us, not even PayPal representatives, are aware of what changes are coming next month (October).  We have to remember that eBay and PayPal are separate companies and while eBay made a “commitment” to their members to give users at least a 60 day heads up regarding changes, PayPal has not made the same commitment.

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3 Responses to “PayPal Gives an eBay Seller Heads Up”

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It slays me when eBay and PayPal reps try to tell me that they’re separate companies. I guess what David Hannum said to P.T. Barnum was right: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Well first off if you need to request money for eBay items you can send an invoice from PayPal for those items instead of clicking on a request for money for eBay items. This has been around for years and it will always be on PayPal since they want to make money (LOL).

I think that eBay were the ones who instituted all of this but they will never admit it.

A new development on PayPal is that if you want to send money you can no longer paste the address in. I was informed in a telephone conversation with my PayPal rep that you have to type the address in. PayPal decided that there was a security problem with people pasting email addresses and they changed it a few days ago. I said well it would have been nice to get a notice about it and he thought they were sent out. I also stated that it would be nice to have a notice on the page where you are doing the request. He said that they have not gotten around to that yet. I said that it would be a good idea seeing that a lot of people are getting frustrated enough with PayPal and this just adds gasoline to the fire.

I finally contacted my frustrated customer who had been trying to send the money for 2 days and sure enough it worked.

It is absolutely amazing that these people are still in business and the utter disregard they have for their customers.

They’ve got a bunch of idiots running around in San Jose, but then again look who’s leading them!

One final note in regard to the big HO. I was looking at his publicity photo that Ina had up on here site in an article about him or eBay. Is it me or does his eyes look like he has been doing a lot of nose candy?


the eBay option was nice, as I used this for people who wanted to pay for my item 30 or more days after the auction ended as eBay closes checkout.

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