eBay Buyers Can Now Narrow Their Search to Top Rated Sellers Only

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eBay now includes in its search options the ability for buyers to purchase from Top Rated sellers only.  eBay is encouraging potential eBay buyers to “Buy from eBay Top-Rated sellers and get excellent service and fast shipping.”  That is the wording showing up in searches:




When I typed in various search terms, sometimes the purple box with the message appeared and sometimes it didn’t.  But in all cases I was able to see the option of choosing items from Top Rated sellers only.

I  was able to replicate the option of searching by Top Seller with a generic search term like “ipod” and I was able to search by Top Seller only for ipod:




The search term “ipod” yielded results showing 143,692 items:



Narrowing the search to Top Rated sellers only yields results for 27,295 ipod items:



It will be interesting to see how sellers, as well as buyers, respond to this new search option functionality.

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7 Responses to “eBay Buyers Can Now Narrow Their Search to Top Rated Sellers Only”

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Once the average sellers see their sales tank (who do offer excellent service..but not the mass sales of junk for 99c) eBay can say goodnight (or will have to offer free listing)

I have no problem with eBay promoting powersellers etc but the way this is being done to the detriment of other fee paying sellers is totally out of whack…we pay for listing exposure to buyers nothing less bottom line

Well, I am a TRS. Lot so good it is doing me. I got the letter. My dashboard shows it to be so. eBay confirms it. But, I do not have the badge or the bump in search – or anything else that goes with it.

My competitors do.

eBay’s response? Wait up to three weeks. THREE WEEKS. It’s a slow roll out, they say. WHAT? For three weeks they are going to direct customers to my competitors – and they think that is OK?


I think eBay is opening themselves up to a major class action lawsuit……I wish I had the bucks to fund it. Here’s the new rules: Most of you are probably aware of the new “Seller Dashboard” where the buyer leaves numerical feedback for ‘communication’, ‘item as described’, ‘shipping time’ and ‘shipping costs’. Well, guess what boys and girls, as of April if you get 2 bad feedbacks, in any category, within a three month period of time, you’re out. eBay will suspend your account. It doesn’t matter if you sell one million items a month….get more than one bad feedback in that category and you’re toast! I tried, for over an hours, to get an explanation as to why the guy who sells a million items a month gets one chance; the same as the guy who sells a hundred items a month. This is simply not fair!

Here’s were more problems lie:

1. Communication: There are times when, if a buyer uses eBay to send or receive a message, it does not get delivered. How many of you have experienced that? I have, many, many times. But guess what! It’s the seller’s fault and it eBay does not care.

2. Shipping time: Now we are going to be held responsible when the post office misplaces a package and the buyer does not bother to let us know. If you get two bad ratings……find another job!

3. Shipping costs: I just spent an hour with a very nice eBay representative and he’s clueless about how to make the shipping calculator work. Many of my buyers don’t follow directions asking to let me combine their orders, they do it on their own and as we all know, they pay too much! I’ve complained about this for years and they refuse to fix it. I even have an email from them, dated a year ago, acknowledging the problem.

The class action suit will be because eBay benefits from not working correctly! The lower your scores the less eBay discount you get. They have no incentive to fix these problems at all!

Is anyone else out there fighting mad? I’m furious and feel that no mattrer how much I trim costs, answer email, ship 6 days a week ( yes I do) and do my damned best eBay wants more. When is enough enough? eBay has made it crystal clear they don’t give damn about the seller when they took away our right to give buyer feedback and now this!

Thanks for ‘reading’

I just checked http://sellerdome.com

Something’s wrong. Its strange to see the first page show the largest sellers are mostly inactive. Clearly a glitch- but still reflects the recent changes made by ebay.

[…] a filter in the search function.  However, just two weeks later on September 30th I reported that eBay Buyers Can Now Narrow Their Search to Top Rated Sellers Only .  eBay is using the wording ““Buy from eBay Top-Rated sellers and get excellent service […]

The writing has been on the wall, spray painted in letters 10″ high for TWENTY months now. Did you think a million items a month give you immunity?
eBay’s management stratosphere are not retailers. They don’t want to be retailers. When you get paid $13M a year for being clueless there is really no incentive to get a clue, is there.

The best paid eCommerce brains and some of us unpaid ones have been saying “diversify” for almost two years. Those of us who took our own advice are over the worst of the transition and relatively stress free now.

Anyone who allowed all their eggs to remain in the eBay basket with the current changes to search taking effect in the last quarter has worked really really hard to earn what is coming their way.

As long as sellers continue to take everything eBay dumps on them eBay will continue to be a hostile environment. There are a few sellers for whom eBay works, but that number is getting less on a daily basis.

eBay is hostile to buyers too. Who likes having search manipulated to only show what eBay wants you to see? Not me!

Looks like I’m another poor excuse for a seller according to ebay. I just got off the phone with a customer service agent at ebay. I was able to vent for awhile but need to vent some more. I’ve been selling on ebay since 1998, (oh those where the days). I have a Feedback rating, (not that feedback matters anymore), of 2555 at 100%. I charge actual shipping and no handling charges. I ship within 24 hrs of payment received, (most times sooner). My DSR is 4.9, 4.9, 4.9, & 4.8. According to the CSA at ebay, it turns out that a few buyers have been unhappy with the amount of time it has taken the post office to deliver their package. Does ebay believes this is my fault, and somehow I should be able to control the performance of a branch of the Federal Government? I posed the question, “why not use a non subjective method to rate shipping time. How about basing it on when a shipping label is printed. How simple. ebay already knows if it is within the allotted time frame promised by the seller”. He promised me he would bring it up at their next meeting, (I won’t hold my breath). Over the last 11 years that I’ve been a member, I’ve seen many changes, and I have not like many of them, but none of those changes in the past have affected my business. This TRS is so bias, so blatantly bad for business, that I wonder if we don’t have grounds for a class action lawsuit against ebay, for unfair characterization of our business’s. I don’t need ebay to tell me that I’m a TRS. I know I’m a TRS, and so do my costumers, but it’s the new customers that will question if I can be trusted, because I’m not “Top Rated”. By ebay deciding I’m not worthy of the TRS badge, they are saying “caveat emptor”, (or let the buyer beware), to all my potential costumers. I did receive the good news that according to my current performance that on November 20th I will achieve the exalted status of TRS, this is, as long as the stars stay alined. I agree with all of you, UNFAIR!

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