The Stage is Set for eBay to Once Again Allow Sellers to Accept Checks and Money Orders

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In the eBay Bulk Edit process, sellers are now presented with an option to change their choice of whether or not to accept personal checks and money orders in addition to accepting electronic payment methods and payment upon local pickup.

It is important to note, however, that while sellers can now choose to change the payment options to accept checks and money orders in their listings that the revised listings do not show to buyers that they have the option of paying with either of these methods.  However, some buyers have reported that their eBay invoice offers them the option to pay via check or money order.

So this leads to speculation about whether or not eBay is going reverse themselves and once again allow sellers to accept checks and money orders as sellers had previously been allowed to do.  There are rumors that perhaps eBay is going to allow checks and money orders again only for categories such as collectibles. 

Or perhaps eBay feels that they need to prepare their platform to allow all sellers to accept checks and money orders for all categories given their recent court case loss.  eBay recently lost a  court case by default judgement in a Detroit class action lawsuit which would seem to set the stage for eBay being required to open up sellers’ payment options to include checks and money orders.

Those of us on eBay who are sellers often see the platform changes in the programming BEFORE policies are formally announced.  Take, for example, my blog post which shows how sellers such as myself saw new changes to acceptable payment methods occurring in our listing processes but eBay failed to acknowledge at that time they were programming in new policy changes but rather claimed what we were seeing was “a glitch”. 

Whether eBay is going to partially or fully roll back their electronic -payments-only policy is yet to be seen.  However, it appears that the stage has been set to allow for that possibility in the future.

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8 Responses to “The Stage is Set for eBay to Once Again Allow Sellers to Accept Checks and Money Orders”

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Or could it be in the Bulk Edit process simply because there do exist categories where Ebay does allow accepting checks and money orders ??

CK, I thought about that but if you notice there are some payment option dropdowns that are greyed out and those are the ones that are not applicable to me. Thus, because the check and money order were not greyed out and my items are not in the certain categories (like industrial equipment) where money orders are still allowed, I believe the checks and money changes may be allowed in the future for all categories (not that the bulk edit is ONLY available for those sellers who are selling in categories where checks/money orders are currently allowed).

In addition, when I follow through with bulk edit process of changing the payment methods to accept checks and money orders, there is never any error in the process. The changes were “allowed” to my items so I could add the check and money order payment methods using the bulk edit process.

If eBay again accepts payment by checks and money orders, it could be due to the court case, but it also could be due to their realization that they can’t afford to keep throttling the eBay antiques/collectibles trade. Remember, 2 years ago Donahoe was saying auctions were old hat, nobody likes them anymore? But since then, you have a Best Match that seems to favor auctions (bizarrely out of tune with what eBay management are saying), offers of x free auction listings per month, and now perhaps a rollback of the Paypal only stance. Sounds to me like they are acknowledging in a backhand way that the Amazonification push has failed, so they better not trash their original business.

Setting the wheels in motion to allow sellers to accept checks and money orders is a huge step backward for John Donahoe’s destructive innovation plan.

eBay rolled this change out claiming it would “increase security”. How they keep a straight face when making statements defending self serving policies has been elevated to an art form by eBay executives..

If eBay is preparing to roll back no checks or money orders, it is a sure sign that management realizes much of the last 2 and a half years worth of changes have failed to produce any positive result.

eBay eliminated the ability of sellers to leave negative feedback, claiming that sellers were engaging in feedback extortion.

Given the upper hand, buyers now have the ability to damage sellers reputations, seller standing, and even discount qualifications.The feedback extortion tool has been handed to buyers by eBay and they are routinely encouraged to wield it.

Sellers rarely if ever are able to have buyer extortion feedback removed or reversed because eBay’s bottom line benefits when sellers are kicked out of eBay’s 20% discount program.

eBay is not drawing new users. eBay is not generating significantly higher sales, eBay has not become a better marketplace. When it comes to generating higher profits, or treating sellers fairly and honestly, eBay sadly chooses increased profits every time.

Ask any seller if eBay has become more secure and you will hear a resounding no. You will hear the horror stories of how eBay/PayPal actually aids and abets buyer fraud while refusing to protect sellers in the process.

eBay relies on third party sellers to provide merchandise to the marketplace. However, as eBay has engaged in their destructive innovation plan they have driven tens of thousands of sellers out of the marketplace.

The decline in sellers has caused category diversity to decline. Mr Donahoe’s non existent vision may filled the eBay shelves, but the shelves are now overflowing with identical items. Buyers no longer come to eBay to browse because the merchandise assortment has become markedly less interesting.

Gone are the unique one of a kind items that drew buyers to eBay. Gone are the hard to find vintage computer parts that buyers searched eBay stores for. The collectibles category has taken such a beating, one wonders why eBay still offers the category.

As each policy and system change was announced, the promise was made that eBay would be a better and stronger marketplace. This has not occurred, eBay has replaced unique and exciting with staid and boring, buyers have taken notice and lower sales volume is the result.

Instead of generating increased sales volume, the perpetual tinkering and constant changes to the site have had the exact opposite effect, and eBay is adrift with no wind in it’s sails.

To bolster the bottom line, eBay has raised fees again and again hoping to replace revenue once driven by volume by taking bigger and bigger commissions on fewer sales.

Fees have gotten so out of hand that the most recent round of fee increases were blatantly misrepresented and billed as “the lowest fees ever”.

Sales are shrinking, and it looks like Donahoe’s next act will be to roll back some of the changes he implemented with the hope that a reversal will improve eBay’s sagging sales.

eBay does not need reversals, as reversals alone will be insufficient to convince alienated buyers and sellers to return.

The only action that will succeed in bringing buyers and sellers back to eBay will be a complete purge of current management.

Buyers and sellers who have been alienated will not return simply because existing management admits how shortsighted they have been.

Current management has decimated eBay’s marketplace and squandered the good will of buyers and sellers that took a decade to build.

eBay needs a complete management change with a new team focused on rebuilding the brand which was systemically destroyed by John Donahoe’s 3 years of destructive innovations.

Blah blah blah..Ebay never said you could not accept checks or money orders. They even allow you to accept chickens as payment. You just cant advertise it in a listing. I have seen it listed in the “me” pagees of some sellers.

You’re right of course, Michael, in saying that Ebay has only banned the MENTION of other payment methods. But they have done nothing to change members’ mistaken impression that the PRACTICE was banned. And their explanation that it was for “buyer security” was always laughably transparent.

[…] Im „eBay Bulk Edit Prozess“ werden die Händler auf jetzt mit der Möglichkeit konfrontiert, ihre Wahl zu treffen, ob sie Schecks oder Zahlungsanweisungen, zusätzlich zu den elektronischen Bezahlmethoden oder der Bezahlung bei Auslieferung annehmen möchten, das berichtet der Blog The BrewsNews. […]

I just relisted some auction items as Fixed Price, and guess what new check boxes showed up on the Relist form? Accept payment by checks and money orders!

But it still does not show on the item page or Revise Item page, and you’re still not allowed to mention checks or money orders in the listing.

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